Corporate wireless (or “Mobile Telecom”) is uniquely complicated, because you’re combining a range of service providers, countless devices, multiple operating systems, tablet specifications, security concerns, infinite third party apps, complex program costs, and organization-specific business processes and rules. By nature, corporate wireless environments evolve into enormously complex ecosystems.

Meet MOBI. The managed service vendor dedicated to helping power wireless strategies.

Our customer-driven managed services establish more effective control over a wireless strategy. Our customers understand what’s important – precision reporting, complete program visibility, world–class end-user support, insight to best practices and new technology, controlling costs, and most importantly – reclaiming time.

Put simply, MOBI allows you to manage wireless according to your company’s needs and do so with confidence.

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End User Portal
Meet MOBI’s Developers
Take a look at the team behind the scenes at MOBI – the development team.
End User Portal
MOBI End-User Portal Demo
IT Director Joshua Garrett walks you through the end-user portal of MOBI.