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Industry Insights Revealed During First MOBI CAB Meeting

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Megan Baird


MOBI recently held our inaugural Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting in downtown Indianapolis. Enterprise mobility thought leaders from five of our most prestigious customers were in attendance, along with MOBI executives, to discuss emerging trends in Managed Mobility Services (MMS). The healthcare, digital entertainment, government, consumer manufacturing, and chemicals industries were represented.

In total, this group makes mobility management decisions for over 59,000 enterprise devices. The CAB meeting served as an open forum for our customers to provide candid feedback on what is truly valued in an MMS offering in an effort to help shape and validate MOBI’s business ideas. By the end of the day, some compelling industry insights were uncovered.

  • Embedded Mobile Device Management (MDM) such as Samsung Knox will fail in enterprise mobility environments: Manufacturers who have recently launched devices embedded with MDM’s (like Samsung Knox for Android) will likely not succeed in larger corporate environments because these particular types of MDM’s are exclusive to one platform (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.). Large organizations support multiple types of devices for their employees, and the complexity of managing multiple MDM’s would be even more burdensome than it already is.
  • The iPad’s relevancy will eventually be dominated by Windows Tablets with 8.0/8.1 software: There was an overwhelming consensus among our CAB members that the iPad’s popularity will soon fade in enterprise in favor of the Windows tablet. Lower cost, Microsoft integration capabilities, and the ability to have multiple accounts on Windows tablets are just some of the reasons for this shift in product esteem.
  • There is an emerging need for shared devices in manufacturing/warehouse settings: Organizations that deploy devices to employees who share shifts, much like in a manufacturing or warehouse setting, are realizing the benefit that shared devices (namely tablets) would bring. Referring again to the aforementioned point about Windows tablets gaining popularity – their feature that allows for multiple user accounts on one device – adheres to this growing need, as employees could share the same device while keeping their personal information safe on individual log-in accounts.
  • Biometrics will take off in 2014: We’ve already seen the introduction of fingerprint “passwords” with the iPhone 5S release in September, but other manufacturers are on their heels to release similar security measures that have the potential to change mobility as we know it. According to a report by Business Insider, “A total of 74% believe that biometric smartphones will become mainstream in 2014.”

The predictions/industry trends that amassed from our CAB meeting will be revisited throughout the year with CAB members. If you have any questions about MOBI’s CAB meeting or have an interest in joining, email me at megan.baird@mobiwm.com.

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