Rhino Risk and what it means for your Mobility Program

What is the risk in taking no risk at all? In this Whitepaper, industry experts share their insights on the risks associated with not managing or mismanaging mobile programs. Hard and soft costs, company security, and attracting and retaining talent are discussed as rhino sized risks that can be addressed by utilizing an MMS provider that can keep your company out of the mobile mud.
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The Challenges and Opportunities with Delivering Managed Mobility Services

Crystal Bedell with TechTarget gathers insights from Industry Leaders on their top challenges and opportunities in the MMS world.

“…When we land a client, their satisfaction is driven by our ability to support them,” Mitch Black, President of MOBI shares.

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MOBI is Magic Again According to Gartner

GartnerRecently, Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, provided an updated addenda to the 2014 Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Managed Mobility Services (MMS) called United States Context and MOBI was mentioned.

According to Gartner, the Magic Quadrant aims to provide a qualitative analysis into a market and its direction, maturity, and participants. In 2013, Gartner published the first MQ for MMS and MOBI was included. Gartner changed the 2014 inclusion criteria and MOBI was not included due to a low percentage of global devices under management, which ironically positions IBM as the only Leader in the MQ. Shortly after, we became IBM’s go-to partner in MMS.
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A MOBI Customer Case Study about 24 Thousand Devices and 6 Weeks

Download the Case StudyA leading microchip manufacturer handed over quite a challenge to our MOBI team. With over 24,000 corporate liable devices needed within 6 weeks in 3 different locations, we had to get to work and figure out a detailed plan as quickly as possible.

This customer case study delves into the details of how we supported a never-before-done deployment of this size in a seamless and timely manner. Get your copy now.

MOBI Sets the Stage for a Great 2015

MOBI accomplished a lot in 2014. Everything from answering our customers’ calls to shipping thousands of devices; we conquered some huge projects and managed to do so while providing great customer service. The graphic below shows what our Operations and Logistics teams completed in 2014. We have hit the ground running in 2015 and couldn’t be more excited about what this year will bring.

For more information on how MOBI can help you achieve greatness with your mobility program, check out our circle of support here.

Generating Career Paths that lead to Passions at MOBI

As much as MOBI has grown since I started working here, it still holds a lot of the best qualities of a small office close to its cultural heart. As a result, those qualities continue to offer substantial benefits and opportunities to its employees. One such quality is the openness of communication between departments, and one such opportunity is an ever expanding list of career paths made available to our employees. This is especially true with one of our most commonly-held job titles: the Account Specialist role in our Operations team.

Take me for example: I started working with MOBI as an Account Specialist in 2009 using the MOBI software platform to support some of our earliest customers. In 2011, I became a Software Developer building out new functionality in the same software suite that I used during my tenure on the Operations team. Writing code and building software tools is my true passion; something I’ll do until well after I retire. I wouldn’t have been able to discover and take up that passion so easily were it not for the opportunities that I had as an Account Specialist. This is my career, and being an Account Specialist got me here.

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