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Industry Insights and MOBI Updates

Dwindling Devices

February 20, 2017 by Matt Louden


Enterprises leverage mobility to limit inefficiencies. Today however, corporate mobility has narrowed down something else: devices. Over the course of 2016, 99.6% of all new smartphones sold were either Android or iOS models. This means businesses are increasing their focus on device inventories. And increased device focus means optimization and enhanced security for enterprise mobility programs. In Q4 last year, 1.1 million Windows phones and 208,000 BlackBerry devices were sold worldwide. While these figures don’t sound small, they start to shrink when you find out that more than 432 million smartphones were sold during this three-month period. That got us thinking: what’s the most commonly managed customer smartphone at MOBI? The answer: Samsung Galaxy Note II 16GB. These devices make up almost 7% of our total managed smartphones.

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Driven by Data

February 17, 2017 by Matt Louden


Enterprise data is more valuable than ever. Business intelligence has become so important, in fact, that companies are increasingly leveraging data to drive mobility strategies and decisions. Unfortunately, usable data isn’t found easily. Your program must align its people, processes, and technology before data-driven mobility can be successfully implemented. Once that happens however, its full potential (and a myriad of benefits) can be unleashed: Accelerated Growth and Goals Data-driven mobility programs are better equipped to understand and evaluate not only their current standing, but also where and how they need to progress. Compared to traditional programs, feedback from data-centric operations and activities is much more frequent, comprehensive, and actionable. These efforts are also capable of leveraging interdepartmental decision-making teams to align company goals, practices, and technology. This ensures data is being used to effectively satisfy both short- and long-term mobility…

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CIO Insight Summit

February 16, 2017 by Dan Chittum


CIO Insight Summit April 3 – 5 | Atlanta, GA CIO Summit brings together 70 senior decision-makers and business leaders to discuss the evolutionary nature of today’s CIO role. As responsibilities change, a CIO’s ability to adapt and evolve is more important than ever before. That’s why this year’s theme is “The CIO’s Moment: Engage, Innovate, and Evolve in a Digital Business World.” Stop by our table and connect with the MOBI Team: Dan Arnett and Andrew Hartwyk Visit the event’s website to learn more.

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Automation Across the Nation

February 13, 2017 by Matt Louden


Robots are taking over the world. Seriously. From driverless transportation to hot computing, automation is influencing and shaping the future of today’s enterprises. Currently, 47% of American workers hold jobs with high potential automation risks. That’s because 45% of their tasks could be automated with available technology. If done, automation would save corporations almost $15 trillion every year. Not all jobs are created (or automated) equal. Highly structured and predictable tasks are usually the first to go. In fact, 51% of all workplace activities fall under this description and cost employers almost $2.7 billion per year in wages alone. Once harnessed, automation can increase worldwide productivity twice as much as Information Technology (IT) already has. It’s too early to surrender to robot overlords though. Even with the pace of today’s tech development, less than five percent of occupations can be…

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10 Enterprise Mobility Acronyms You Need to Know

February 9, 2017 by Matt Louden

mobility abbreviations

Note: This blog about mobility abbreviations is the first in a monthly co-authored blog series written jointly by Matt Louden, Brand Journalist at MOBI, and Charlotte O’Donnelly, Research Associate at Blue Hill Research. Once upon a time, enterprise mobility abbreviations were much simpler to follow. Sounds like a fairy tale given today’s business technology landscape, right? As mobility enters 2017 full-tilt, rapid evolution and change will only add to an ever-growing list of industry terms and acronyms that can leave your head spinning. Here are ten must-know mobility abbreviations you’re sure to see in 2017: 1)     BI – Business Intelligence BI is a technology-driven process tasked with analyzing data and presenting actionable insights to corporate executives, business managers, and end users alike. By identifying and tracking previously unknown trends, businesses are empowered to make more informed and impactful decisions. 85% of business leaders…

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