Nurture Professional Growth, Boost Employee Morale

You found the perfect fit. It’s a mutual match-made in heaven. They’re hired, they’re here. How do you make sure a company’s most valuable asset, their people, keep coming back?

Finding good talent is hard, especially talent that fits into your company’s culture.  Once a match has been made, how can you ensure they stay, grow, and flourish? There are several measures you can take as an employer to keep your team engaged and happy. One of the biggest is to invest in their professional growth.

We can talk the talk and walk the walk. We can talk about having a collaborative environment and making sure your team has a voice.  We can walk through the importance of incorporating fun into the workplace.   But for today, let’s focus on empowering your employees to improve their knowledge and skills.  Empowerment and personal growth are the most important components of your Talent Management Strategy. Continue reading

HR Feeds: Keeping Mobile Programs Healthy and One Step Ahead

In an ever changing mobile environment, we are challenged with data integrity and ensuring our databases are current, robust, and healthy. Employees’ records change all of the time- we join a company, change personal information, change roles, and resign on a regular basis. What does this mean as it relates to our wireless device(s)?

Healthy and active HR feeds can simplify and streamline the process to update mobile information and easily associate a new employee to a wireless device, update related employee information, or take a recently unassigned line and reassign it- using an HR feed that is updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Integrating an active HR feed into mobility management software also automates the approval process providing a simple solution to a potentially confusing process.

In this study, we take two companies and compare mobility environments with and without an HR feed. Through a customized automated approval process, this tool saves time and money.

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You Spoke. We listened.

A few weeks ago, we asked you what type of articles you wanted to see from the MOBI Power Line. The feedback was incredibly valuable. Here is some of what we heard:

The top 2 categories of content you want to see more of are:

  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies

Most of you are satisfied with the frequency articles are sent to your inboxes.

You’d like to see more videos.

Thank you participating in the survey. We’re looking forward to incorporating your feedback to make the MOBI Power Line better.

Lastly, congratulations to, Joe L. and Pat G., the lucky winners of the Bluetooth Speakers.

Advice to Plan Your Mobile Strategy


In Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014, mobility specifically took two slots. The question for creating a mobile strategy in the enterprise is not if anymore, it is how. This Thought Leadership Series white paper from Mobile Enterprise, delves into the process of creating the flexible strategy necessary to make a Mobile First enterprise.

  • Should a company own all the devices and lock them down or establish a BYOD environment?
  • What devices and Operating Systems will be supported?
  • Who will be using the devices or apps, and what do they need access to in order to work successfully?
  • How will support calls be managed?
  • What policies should be created?
  • What technology can the company implement to meet its goals?

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Avoid a Costly Mobility Mistake: Zombie Phones

Zombie Phone
Most, if not all, Telecom Managers can relate to one of the most costly mistakes in an enterprise mobility environment – Employees leave the company and nobody is shutting off that employee’s active line. A device with active service that isn’t being used, is sometimes called a Zombie phone. Based on industry averages, companies are wasting $70 month per month per (Zombie phone) instance. Large organizations with normal turnover rates and employee counts in the 100s or 1000s face significant risk for unnecessary spending.

Have no fear, MOBI is here. By using the HR Feed that MOBI receives from the customer, MOBI has the ability to set up rules and conditions that can trigger when an employee shows as “inactive” when they were previously “active”. Configuration of a rule and/or condition can automate an email to an employee’s supervisor advising them of the active line with inactive owner which in turn allows the supervisor an opportunity to disconnect the line, re-assign it to the Inactive employee’s successor, or suspend it until further notice. Beyond that, if the Supervisor takes no action on the line, MOBI has the ability to configure an automatic suspension of that line after 30 days. Even better, if there still has been no action taken on this line after an additional 30 days, the line will be sent for disconnection automatically.

Identifying and disconnecting (killing) Zombie phones is just one of the ways MOBI helps organizations save money on their wireless service bills. See three real examples of the money organizations have saved in our recent savings trend infographic.

The (Real) Total Cost of Ownership of Mobile Devices

Total Cost PDF DownloadAs enterprise mobility continues to grow and evolve, organizations are finding the value in outsourcing their mobility programs. Before deciding whether or not to move forward with the process, however, they must first evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the mobile devices in their corporate wireless structure. Believe it or not, simply calculating your annual carrier bill expenses doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of TCO.

In order to gain a clear picture of the real TCO of your wireless program, you must calculate all of the following costs:

  • Voice & Data
  • Labor Costs
  • MDM
  • Device Hardware & Software
  • General IT Administration & Training

Recently, we created a document that delves further into each of these categories, explaining what they entail, as well as how an MMS provider can help to potentially reduce these costs. Industry experts weighed in on the subject, including what organizations are doing to drive up their TCO, how to reduce it, and where they see TCO headed in the future.

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MOBI Wins Award At AirWatch Connect

Recently, MOBI sponsored and attended AirWatch Connect Atlanta, the leading event for enterprise mobility. At the event, we showcased MOBIwatch, our AirWatch Portal integration which allows admins and MOBI Account Specialists to view AirWatch details such as device swipe, device lock, and GPS tracking, along with standard MOBI Portal features, all in a single location.

During the show, MOBI was recognized with the North America winner of the Outstanding Partner Achievement Award.  This award in particular is given to an AirWatch partner “that has experienced tremendous success in delivering AirWatch’s mobile device, application, and content management solutions to its customer base.” Winners were selected based on a number of factors, including: innovation, creativity, ROI achieved, and dedication to mobility.