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Industry Insights and MOBI Updates

Is Your Program Prepared for Takeoff?

June 6, 2017 by Josh Garrett


Enterprise mobility has been the focus for most of my career. I’m energized by the rapid evolution of connected devices, how they impact business strategies, and how MOBI can assist enterprises in managing their devices now and as they continue to evolve. Long before connected devices were commonplace in enterprises (and before MOBI ever existed), I enjoyed learning about history and aviation. Over the years, I’ve found it fascinating to see how often my interests parallel one another. Recently, I spent some time reading about the B-17, or the Flying Fortress as some of you may know it. What follows is a quick story of its inception and what led to an even more important discovery—one that enterprises can also use to help manage their connected device ecosystems. Back to the Future In 1934, the United States Army Air Force…

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New Device: Worth the Price?

June 5, 2017 by Matt Louden

mobile device

As mobile phones become more expensive and carriers begin to remove device subsidies from their offerings, more and more people are deciding to stick with older technology. Across the board, carriers are already feeling the effects of this change. AT&T, for example found that less than 4% of its regular monthly customers upgraded a mobile device in Q1 2017—the lowest quarterly rate ever. Less upgrades also means smaller overall revenues. AT&T’s wireless equipment sales dropped 17% compared to Q1 2016. While not as dramatic, Verizon and T-Mobile experienced dips as well; five and two percent respectively. So far, we’ve seen unsubsidized carrier devices have a huge enterprise impact on our own customers. The first five months of 2017 saw a 65% reduction in new mobile device orders compared to last year’s numbers over that same timeframe. How do these changes…

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Sponsor of Indy’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

May 30, 2017 by Scott Kraege


Starting or scaling a business requires hard work, then figuring out a way to work even harder by tossing in some luck along the way. Meeting and learning from the right people can make or break a small business. We’re thrilled to help Indiana-based entrepreneurs by sponsoring inX3 next month. As a collaborative effort between the Venture Club of Indiana, TechPoint, and a handful of other professional groups, inX3 brings together Indiana’s best and brightest entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and service providers to inspire and innovate. MOBI is excited to be a part of the energy and enthusiasm surrounding what looks to be the largest ever gathering of Indiana startup and scaleup companies. For some sessions, inX3 attendees take over one of the coolest tech spaces in Indianapolis: Union 525. Just like this event, Union 525 was created by entrepreneurs…

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Scarce Security

May 30, 2017 by Matt Louden


As mobile security evolves, finding staff members to keep your program safe is becoming harder and harder to do. In fact, 57% of organizations consider recruiting skilled Information Technology (IT) security personnel one of today’s most significant business challenges. That’s because companies are setting more aggressive project deadlines and loftier security goals than ever before. Among IT pros, 65% have been pressured to rollout new technology before it underwent all necessary checks and fixes. Despite the potential consequences, 19% of enterprises haven’t conducted a single security check or test in the last six months. That makes it easy to understand why 59% of all businesses have experienced a malware infiltration during that same time span. Most enterprise mobility programs can’t protect themselves alone; 83% either plan to use or already rely on a managed services provider. If you don’t or…

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Making Mobility Software Cool

May 23, 2017 by Matt Louden


Today’s enterprise mobility strategy must include a wide variety of technologies and capabilities. Keeping track of industry leaders and who’s capable of satisfying your program’s needs is more challenging than ever. That’s why CRN assembles its 30 Coolest Mobile Software and Service Vendors list every year. Recently, the 2017 version was published—and we were excited to see MOBI featured alongside other mobility giants like Cisco, Google, HP, and Microsoft. More than anything else, CRN was impressed by our software platform’s array of unique tools and features. As companies continue to converge mobility with traditional Information Technology (IT) management, they’re discovering tremendous value in single-platform solutions like ours. Our automated systems and self-service solutions were also credited for drastically reducing customer downtime and streamlining end-user workflows. By offering multiple alternatives to standard service desk calls, employees can resolve their mobility issues…

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