60 MMS Evaluation Questions

60 MMS Questions


The process of finding the right MMS vendor can be overwhelming for an organization. It is essential to confirm that your goals align with the core capabilities of the MMS provider; you must be able to communicate your organization’s specific challenges and ask detailed questions surrounding how they plan to help you overcome them. Mobility Solutions Manager Matt East has compiled a comprehensive list of over 60 potential questions to ask throughout the evaluation process. Continue reading

Understanding The Value of Managed Mobility Services

Field Technologies Online recently interviewed business leaders at the top Managed Mobility Services (MMS) companies to discover and share a journalistically neutral report on the value of Managed Mobility Services. MOBI President, Mitch Black, was among the experts interviewed. The article focuses on how “outsourcing mobile device support can reduce costs and allow you to concentrate on your business’ core competencies.”

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Breaking It Down: MDM vs. ActiveSync

As enterprise mobility environments continue to evolve, the popularity of security and device management solutions is on the rise. However, the rise in popularity doesn’t make the process any less confusing. As with anything in life, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of implementing different solutions before you take the plunge. The following is a comprehensive list, based on research as well as discussions with mobility experts, of the pros and cons of two types of “solutions”–Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and MDM.

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With more than 400,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries, this technology and consulting firm, and MOBI customer, required help managing a complex and unique mobility environment. Specifically, the customer sought assistance with migrating more than 15,000 lines from individual liable plans to corporate liable plans during a company-wide mobility overhaul.

Following a successful migration, the customer needed additional help in the form of mobility help desk support and expense management. MOBI’s Expense Management team was able to help the customer restructure employee voice and messaging plans, resulting in savings as high as $410 per employee. When applied across their 6,076 corporate lines, the savings MOBI was able to help the customer save was well above any that were uncovered by their previous MMS vendor.

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Under-promise, Over-deliver

Under-promise and over-deliver: that seems to be a fitting tagline for MOBI’s CRM and on-site teams according to a customer POC survey last month. We pride ourselves on the exceptional caliber of customer service provided by our teams, and the responses received via the survey prove a further testament to the fact that we really do walk the walk when it comes to serving as your relentless ally in mobility.

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