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State Healthcare Corporation Enhances Wireless Security and Saves

The customer featured in this case study is a state healthcare corporation located in Oklahoma. With over 9,000 employees and 1,600 lines of service with access to sensitive patient data, a centralized wireless environment with exceptional security measures is essential to their organization. Over the course of our relationship with the customer, we have helped them enforce a standardized wireless policy and increase security measures on employee devices, while saving them tens of thousands of dollars in the process. To learn more about this customer’s story, click here.

3 Tips for Choosing an MMS Help Desk Support

Evaluating MMS partners can be a difficult choice. There are a number of components, all of which are important-inventory management, expense management, procurement, MACD support, logistics services, etc. Depending on which MMS providers you’re considering, that list can be quite extensive. Continue reading

The RFP Alternative

Since the inception of MOBI, our solutions have been vetted against our competitors’ through the dreaded RFP. These come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Some come from prospects that we have spent months, or even years, courting and educating. Others come out of the blue because an organization was trying to find “X” number of respondents to their RFP. They range in size from 10 to 75+ pages and ask a range of random questions.

We have always questioned the effectiveness of the RFP. Candidly, we have started to respond to less of them, with the eventual hope of not answering them altogether, and instead focused on working with our prospective customers to ensure they and we both understand what type of mobility management program works for their organization. Continue reading

Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for EMM

Earlier this month, Gartner released its 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management. Vendors are evaluated and scored in a number of different categories based on their ability to meet customer needs, as well as their likelihood of future success. The contenders are then placed in one of four quadrants:

  1. Leaders
  2. Challengers
  3. Visionaries
  4. Niche Players

MOBI works closely with EMM providers to help companies fully capitalize on a robust mobility environment; we manage and/or integrate with a majority of the EMMs recognized in Gartner’s report. To learn more about how MOBI works with EMMs, visit the MOBIiron page.

To initiate the download and view the full Gartner EMM Magic Quadrant report, click here.

60 MMS Evaluation Questions

60 MMS Questions


The process of finding the right MMS vendor can be overwhelming for an organization. It is essential to confirm that your goals align with the core capabilities of the MMS provider; you must be able to communicate your organization’s specific challenges and ask detailed questions surrounding how they plan to help you overcome them. Mobility Solutions Manager Matt East has compiled a comprehensive list of over 60 potential questions to ask throughout the evaluation process. Continue reading

Understanding The Value of Managed Mobility Services

Field Technologies Online recently interviewed business leaders at the top Managed Mobility Services (MMS) companies to discover and share a journalistically neutral report on the value of Managed Mobility Services. MOBI President, Mitch Black, was among the experts interviewed. The article focuses on how “outsourcing mobile device support can reduce costs and allow you to concentrate on your business’ core competencies.”

Download a PDF of the article by clicking the image to the right or view the originally published story, here.