MOBI Introduces New Enterprise Capabilities to help Customers Better Manage Mobile Environments on one Platform

Capabilities extend far beyond device logistics into personal device support, engineering services, user acquisition, cost reduction and data security for simpler daily management

INDIANAPOLIS – Feb. 26, 2015 — To better help enterprises manage complex mobile ecosystems, MOBI, provider of managed mobility software and services, today announced it has acquired ArchTech for further supporting the implementation and ongoing engineering of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software. Drawing upon vast experience gained from working with more than a dozen EMM and Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers on behalf of customers in nearly every industry, MOBI’s bolstered engineering capabilities allow enterprises to use business-enabled mobile devices more fully, seamlessly and securely.

According to a study[1] by 451 Research, 80 percent of enterprises would experience severely impacted business operations if a cloud outage occurred for just a single day. This demonstrates how critical availability and security are as must-have components for any hosting and cloud-services provider.

Advancing its commitment to ensuring cloud availability and data security, MOBI has integrated ArchTech’s engineering capabilities with its own Managed Mobility Service (MMS), which has a proven track record across areas such as help desk, expense management and device logistics. Together, cloud-based EMM software and MMS solutions let enterprises unlock mobility’s full potential while protecting data and supporting mobile users on an individual basis.

“While most MMS providers focus solely on device logistics, we believe today’s organizations need insightful guidance when it comes to actually implementing, engineering and administering EMM software,” said Mitch Black, President of MOBI. “By leveraging ArchTech’s technical expertise, our own engineering services team will be even further differentiated as a value-add resource.”

Coupled with MOBI’s agnostic approach to EMM providers, the added services allow enterprises to more effortlessly maintain their chosen EMM platform while supporting the overall goals of the mobile ecosystem.  The EMM software and MMS offerings create a mobile environment where data is secure, users are supported, wireless service costs are managed and mobility information is clearly visible.

Industry-Leading Services

MOBI’s EMM services offering is made up of four main components:

·Implementation – MOBI provides seamless integration and unique configuration with an enterprise’s preferred EMM provider.

·Engineering – MOBI is powered by its team of network and engineering experts who have been in the EMM industry since the 2003 inception of MDM. This extensive experience set equips the team with capabilities to design management around data security, training, platforms, documentation, applications and updates.

·Support and Administration – End users can contact MOBI’s expert administrators 24/7 to work with a dedicated specialist on addressing all issues related to managing mobile devices.

·Integration – The MOBI platform is integrated with the most popular EMM software suites, enabling organizations to configure EMM controls from within the MOBI portal and administrators to perform all EMM functions through one tool.

“The truth is that many enterprises lack either the infrastructure or the technical expertise to use mobility in a strategic way, when in fact mobility is more critical to business processes than ever,” continued Black. “MOBI’s managed mobility software platform and engineering capabilities protect organizations’ data, optimize employees’ mobile accessibility to critical cloud-based applications, and help companies unlock the full potential of mobility to drive efficiency and productivity.”

[1] “Creating a Digital Infrastructure Playbook for Next-Generation Datacenters

About MOBI:

MOBI provides software and services to help companies manage mobility. MOBI’s cloud-based software centralizes the management of mobile devices by integrating with wireless carriers, MDMs, corporate IT systems, and more. MOBI’s services help organizations plan for, save on, deploy, support, and decommission all mobile devices. As a result, MOBI’s customers achieve enhanced control, greater visibility, reduced costs, and increased efficiencies when managing mobile devices.

Media Contact:
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(312) 329-3918

Download a PDF of the press release.

The Challenges and Opportunities with Delivering Managed Mobility Services

Crystal Bedell with TechTarget gathers insights from Industry Leaders on their top challenges and opportunities in the MMS world.

“…When we land a client, their satisfaction is driven by our ability to support them,” Mitch Black, President of MOBI shares.

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MOBI Sets the Stage for a Great 2015

MOBI accomplished a lot in 2014. Everything from answering our customers’ calls to shipping thousands of devices; we conquered some huge projects and managed to do so while providing great customer service. The graphic below shows what our Operations and Logistics teams completed in 2014. We have hit the ground running in 2015 and couldn’t be more excited about what this year will bring.

For more information on how MOBI can help you achieve greatness with your mobility program, check out our circle of support here.

Inside Scoop: MOBI Device Deployment

At MOBI, we work on a multitude of services and products for our customers. The amount of effort we put into making each end-user, administrator, and CIO happy creating a successful mobility environment is bar none.  Some of our customers utilize our Deployment Services – where we work onsite to assist in upgrading end-users’ devices.

Recently, we went to a customer site to help deploy thousands of devices at their 24 hour fabrication facility. We pre-kitted the devices which included updating the device software, charging the device, installing customer specific software, as well as downloading their desired MDM. Our Logistics Facility worked hard to kit, asset tag, and test the devices before they were shipped to the customer site where we would help the end-users finish the set-up process. Continue reading

The Upgraded MOBI Report Builder


The MOBI User Experience (UX) designers and developers have been busy working on large improvements to the report builder, a key tool within the MOBI Portal.

For example, if you need a list of every 64GB Black Apple iPhone 6 in a specific cost center that was active as of 2 months ago, you can quickly build exactly that report. To make things even easier, you can save any set of filters for use later. This ensures that you’re comparing exactly the same data set every month.

This portal feature has seen gradual additions and small tweaks over the past couple of years. As these valuable additions built up over time, it became clear that the report builder was becoming dense with so many options displayed at one time.

Our most recent update seeks to simplify the report builder.

  • Key sections (owner, carrier, etc) are placed within collapsed headings, allowing for a concise view of 5 to 10 sections, instead of nearly 50 potential filters.
  • Another update is a slide into view “drawer” that replaces the pop-up display of the report builder. This allows for a more integrated view and easier help documentation support through WalkMe.
  • Additionally, a new search bar has been added, allowing you to type in a term and immediately view only the report builder sections related to that term.

We hope you find these improvements easy to use, faster, and more convenient.

For a more detailed look at what the report builder and MOBI Portal overall can offer, sign up to download the MOBI Portal Guide or sign up for a personalized demonstration.

Download the MOBI Portal Guide

Nurture Professional Growth, Boost Employee Morale

You found the perfect fit. It’s a mutual match-made in heaven. They’re hired, they’re here. How do you make sure a company’s most valuable asset, their people, keep coming back?

Finding good talent is hard, especially talent that fits into your company’s culture.  Once a match has been made, how can you ensure they stay, grow, and flourish? There are several measures you can take as an employer to keep your team engaged and happy. One of the biggest is to invest in their professional growth.

We can talk the talk and walk the walk. We can talk about having a collaborative environment and making sure your team has a voice.  We can walk through the importance of incorporating fun into the workplace.   But for today, let’s focus on empowering your employees to improve their knowledge and skills.  Empowerment and personal growth are the most important components of your Talent Management Strategy. Continue reading

You Spoke. We listened.

A few weeks ago, we asked you what type of articles you wanted to see from the MOBI Power Line. The feedback was incredibly valuable. Here is some of what we heard:

The top 2 categories of content you want to see more of are:

  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies

Most of you are satisfied with the frequency articles are sent to your inboxes.

You’d like to see more videos.

Thank you participating in the survey. We’re looking forward to incorporating your feedback to make the MOBI Power Line better.

Lastly, congratulations to, Joe L. and Pat G., the lucky winners of the Bluetooth Speakers.