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A Fresh Look for the Future

August 17, 2017 by Matt Louden

New Look

Did you know that mobile devices now account for almost two-thirds of all time spent online? In recent years, enterprise mobility has revolutionized businesses across virtually every industry and geography. That’s why we felt it was time for a revolution of our own. MOBI’s New Look—our fresh, innovative interface that allows users to access MOBI anywhere from any device—has been rolled out. We began transitioning customers to the new interface in Q2; now, all current customers have access and all new customers will onboard with it as well. MOBI’s Asset, Expense, Program, and Workflow Manager tools are accessible on all devices whenever convenient, making complex mobility program management easier than ever before. MOBI’s New Look combines modern colors, cutting-edge console design, and customer feedback to create enterprise mobility’s most intuitive software platform. Collapsible, off-canvas menus not only increase content real…

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SOCing It 2 Data Insecurity

July 18, 2017 by Chad Beasley

SOC 2 Type 2

In today’s world of IT and data security, companies are more susceptible than ever before to hacks of personally identifiable information (PII) and other important data. These data breaches lead to massive reconciliation costs and brand equity damage. Companies are always targets that can be susceptible to attacks; however, a growing number of attacks are targeting third-party vendors that may handle or process a company’s data. Companies must ensure that their vendor management procedures are adequate and verify that anyone handling sensitive data has the most secure IT control environments available. At MOBI, we take our customer’s data security very seriously, and we continue to invest in the best technology, infrastructure, and training to provide the most secure Software as a Service (SaaS) product in our industry. Additionally, we pursue relevant certifications that provide substantiation from third-party auditors and keep…

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Is Your Program Prepared for Takeoff?

June 6, 2017 by Josh Garrett


Enterprise mobility has been the focus for most of my career. I’m energized by the rapid evolution of connected devices, how they impact business strategies, and how MOBI can assist enterprises in managing their devices now and as they continue to evolve. Long before connected devices were commonplace in enterprises (and before MOBI ever existed), I enjoyed learning about history and aviation. Over the years, I’ve found it fascinating to see how often my interests parallel one another. Recently, I spent some time reading about the B-17, or the Flying Fortress as some of you may know it. What follows is a quick story of its inception and what led to an even more important discovery—one that enterprises can also use to help manage their connected device ecosystems. Back to the Future In 1934, the United States Army Air Force…

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Sponsor of Indy’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

May 30, 2017 by Scott Kraege


Starting or scaling a business requires hard work, then figuring out a way to work even harder by tossing in some luck along the way. Meeting and learning from the right people can make or break a small business. We’re thrilled to help Indiana-based entrepreneurs by sponsoring inX3 next month. As a collaborative effort between the Venture Club of Indiana, TechPoint, and a handful of other professional groups, inX3 brings together Indiana’s best and brightest entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and service providers to inspire and innovate. MOBI is excited to be a part of the energy and enthusiasm surrounding what looks to be the largest ever gathering of Indiana startup and scaleup companies. For some sessions, inX3 attendees take over one of the coolest tech spaces in Indianapolis: Union 525. Just like this event, Union 525 was created by entrepreneurs…

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TechPoint’s Top Tech Company

May 2, 2017 by Matt Louden

The last seven years have been an incredible ride—since 2009, MOBI has evolved from a fast-paced startup to a Garter-recognized enterprise mobility solutions provider that helps manage some of the largest device ecosystems on the planet. And we just took another step forward. For the last 18 years, TechPoint has hosted its annual Mira Awards gala to recognize Indiana’s most innovative technologies, tech companies, entrepreneurs, and educators. At this year’s event, nearly 1,000 business leaders witnessed MOBI win TechPoint’s top Mira Award for Tech Company of the Year. 115 new employees, 34 new customers, and service expansion to 30 new countries.[tweet this] Judges were impressed with MOBI’s growth in the last year: 115 new employees, 34 new customers, and service expansion to 30 new countries. “MOBI has quickly become a global leader in the managed mobility industry, and we attest…

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