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In the Field…

August 22, 2017 by Emily Nicoletti


One of the things I love most about being an Account Specialist is getting to speak with people from all over the world working for different companies (many of which I was familiar with long before MOBI). Last month, that excitement grew to a whole new level when I traveled to Portland, OR, for my first onsite deployment experience. I’m not normally involved with this customer’s support, so the deployment introduced me to some of the people in their workforce and let me see where the employees we support get work done every day. Knowing this customer was a huge company, I was still surprised when we arrived; I saw company ads and billboards everywhere! There were corporate campuses all over town, and I noticed people with employee badges almost everywhere we went outside of work. We even drove through a…

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A New Perspective on MOBI

July 20, 2017 by Jennifer Montgomery

Orr Fellowship

I came to MOBI through a program called the Orr Fellowship. The Orr Fellowship is a program that recruits top seniors at universities in the Midwest and pairs them with what we call “Host Companies” all around Indianapolis. Recognized by the fellowship for dynamic leadership abilities, soon-to-be university graduates are often recruited for not only their academic prowess, but their involvement in activities like student government, fraternity/sorority life, and athletics. The fellowship’s mission is to bring driven individuals into the Indianapolis business community to help the quickly growing industrial hub progress even more. As for each individual fellow (like myself), we are lucky enough to experience professional fellowships that last at least two years. During this time, I will not only get to work for a dynamic Indianapolis-based company, but will also be provided with curriculum, network, civic, and social opportunities…

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When in Roam…

January 26, 2017 by Josh Garrett

international roaming

I recently was in Detroit, MI visiting customers. My visit corresponded with a home game for the Red Wings, which seemed like a great opportunity to see some hockey and visit Joe Louis Arena before it’s permanently closed after this season. It was a great overtime shootout win for the home team yet, while leaving the game, I received a not-so-great text message: Leaving the arena, I realized I could see Windsor, Canada across the Detroit River. While I remained firmly in the United States, my phone had taken an international trip. It was using the strongest available signal, which happened to be from a Canadian carrier and not AT&T. According to my phone, I was currently travelling in Canada and consuming mobility services without a passport. To their credit, AT&T did notify me right away. Thankfully my phone was…

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2016 by the Numbers

January 24, 2017 by Christi Vawter

huge year

2016 was a huge year for MOBI. And, a huge year meant a busy year. As MOBI sustains rapid growth, our culture continues to foster the innovation needed to create the industry’s only software-first solution to enterprise mobility management. Here’s what’s kept us excited and busy this past year: Are you looking to optimize your mobility spend, or are you simply wondering where to start when it comes to your mobility strategy? Talk to one of our mobility solution experts right now and see what the perfect mobility partner can do for you.

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Best Blogs of 2016

January 6, 2017 by Matt Louden


As this year’s first official work week wraps up, we wanted to take one last look in the rearview mirror. Last year, MOBI continued its global growth, hosted our first annual mobility summit, and wrote lots of great content along the way. Don’t believe me? Check out 2016’s top five most popular blogs below: 1) My Six-Year Selling Hiatus at MOBI Jim Holt, MOBI’s Director of Mobility Solutions, discusses his unique approach and why, in more than six years of sales at MOBI, he’s never had to sell to a customer before. 2) Unpacking Untethered Read all about our inaugural mobility summit: Untethered. Who was there, what topics were discussed, when and where did it take place, and why do you need to attend this year? 3) Pokémon No Millions of people (and at least a few dozen MOBIans) spent their summer outside chasing…

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