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10 Benefits of Digital Transformation

June 23, 2017 by Matt Louden

For most companies, digital transformation is too complex to handle alone—88% rely on third-party providers for at least one component. Despite this drawback, organizations are making their tech-savvy transformations more rapidly than ever. Why? What’s All the Fuss About? It’s still early, but so far the evidence for companies leveraging digital technology is encouraging. After reorganizing operations and successfully changing company culture, here are 10 benefits your enterprise can expect: Reduced Costs – Optimizing business technology and operations around digital technology means cost-per-transaction savings and increased sales. Improved Customer Strategy – New technologies create capabilities that can help a company acquire, retain, and assist customers while simultaneously reducing marketing spend. Consolidated Operations – The introduction of cost-effective, customer-focused digital tasks streamlines business workflows and eliminates overhead associated with outdated solutions. Analytics – Digitalization gives companies the ability to combine data…

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There’s No Place Like Home… Until Now

June 20, 2017 by Kyle Campbell

Are you constantly monitoring employee roaming overages in the European Union (EU)? Do you have end users that only travel a few hundred kilometers yet incur unnecessary data or voice overages? Is your service desk constantly receiving calls to add roaming packages because an end user forgot to add the proper roaming tariffs before they left? If you’re at your wits’ end dealing with any (or all) of the above tasks, take a break. No, seriously. The European Parliament just passed a wholesale reform to abolish roaming fees for those traveling among EU member nations. Roam Like at Home As long as they’re in the EU, the new “Roam like at home” rules enable European end users to use their mobile phone and avoid extra roaming charges while traveling outside of their native country. This covers all data services, text…

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ICYMI: Apple’s WWDC 2017

June 14, 2017 by Josh Ashworth

WWDC 2017

So, you don’t have two hours to watch the keynote from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)? Don’t worry; we watched it for you. Here, we’ve recapped the tech giant’s exciting WWDC 2017 announcements and product updates. While Apple remains a consumer-focused brand, company leaders made it clear that they’re excited to empower digital transformation for today’s enterprises by creating cutting-edge technology and developer tools. It can and it will. Watch it. The new Apple Watch Operating System (OS) is great for glancing at information on-the-go. Powered by a combination of Siri intelligence and machine learning, the company’s new watch OS updates the device interface to show information that users will find most helpful based on their routines and the apps they use. Additionally, users can look for other new interface designs, like a kaleidoscope option or Toy Story cartoon characters for…

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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

May 18, 2017 by Matt Louden

intelligent technology

If you follow tech news at all, you’ve probably seen or heard something about job-stealing robots. While we could all use a little more time away from work, don’t expect EmployeeBot 3000 to be sitting behind your desk anytime soon. Companies aren’t using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to get rid of workers—they’re using it to make work easier for them. We’re still a long way away from robot workers becoming the norm. Even early automation adopters understand the value of human interaction and are using this technology to refocus their workforce, not replace it. Helping your employees understand and use AI and machine learning comes with substantial benefits: Minimized Employee Burnout Organizations can use intelligent technology tools to automate mundane tasks and take them off employees’ plates entirely, increasing job satisfaction and quality of work.[tweet] In enterprise mobility…

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Virtualization Across the Nation

May 9, 2017 by Matt Louden


Modern mobility programs are constantly challenged by end-user demands for the latest devices and technology. Unfortunately, that usually means running multiple Operating Systems (OSs) and applications simultaneously. While this has traditionally created gaps in program security, today’s enterprise mobility efforts have a safer solution: virtualization. For the first time, government-approved virtualization resides on a smartphone. The National Security Agency (NSA) just added a modified version of the HTC A9 to its Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSFC) list and is actively suggesting that all other businesses should take advantage of this technology too. So, what exactly is virtualization? Virtualization Explained Businesses that use this technology can create and test these virtual reproductions to boost their mobility program’s agility, efficiency, and flexibility in a way that minimizes IT risks.[tweet this] Essentially, virtualization is a process that creates software-based copies of mobile applications,…

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