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Change: Mobile Security’s Only Constant

April 28, 2017 by Mitch Berry

mobile security

Managing program security is one of the toughest jobs in enterprise mobility; nobody needs constantly changing acronyms that make things harder to understand. In recent years, mobile security has evolved from Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and soon Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) will be the industry standard. MDM When employees started bringing their smartphones to work, enterprises needed a way to remotely configure and control security settings without negatively impacting workforce productivity. It wasn’t long before MDM became a hot commodity. For the first time, companies could secure mobile device access to sensitive internal networks and resources. Despite its initial success, organizations quickly discovered that MDM had inherent limitations. For example, if a program administrator needed to delete application data off an employee device, they had to eliminate all that application’s information – even the user’s…

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Three Things Your User Interface Needs

April 12, 2017 by Matt Louden

software interface

Making the decision to update your software’s User Interface (UI) is bold. If rushed through without proper research and product testing, the results can be disastrous. If done well, however, something else happens: every dollar invested creates 100 more for the company – that’s a 9,900% Return on Investment (ROI)! Designing a software product’s new look is a complicated, multi-stage process we discussed in-depth a few weeks ago. Regardless of the industry or product’s intended use, an effective UI needs to be three things: configurable, consistent, and flexible. Configurable You new look should be configurable and customizable. Ensuring a UI satisfies unique user needs and integrations properly focuses your software and can inspire new levels of interest in the product. It also transforms the interface into a foundation from which new logical, intuitive end-user features can be built and launched….

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Transforming Your Cloud Tech Savvy

April 5, 2017 by Matt Louden

cloud technology

Today, 95% of businesses leverage cloud technology to run 79% of their workloads. The average company depends on more than 1,400 cloud services daily. That said, using cloud software and maximizing its impact are two very different things. Today, 95% of businesses leverage cloud technology to run 79% of their workloads. The average company depends on more than 1,400 cloud services daily.[tweet this] Any organization can simply buy licenses and implement a cloud solution, but enterprises hoping to actualize this technology’s full potential need to undertake significant enterprise-wide steps. Here is what that transformation looks like step-by-step: Empower Task Ownership A clearly-defined role or set of responsibilities creates increased feelings of ownership and accountability for employees and easy-to-follow processes and chains of command for organizations. While cloud software is somewhat capable of empowering task ownership on its own, organizations need…

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MWC and IoT: What We Learned

March 31, 2017 by Matt Louden

IoT devices

Every year, Mobile World Congress (MWC) brings together global mobility experts and thought leaders to discuss the industry’s hottest topics and latest technologies. Without a doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) was on this year’s agenda. By 2018, IoT will surpass mobile phones as the largest global connected device population. Also, the number of IoT devices is growing year-over-year by 35%, so it’s not surprising that enterprises want to explore this topic further before spending nearly $6 trillion over the next five years. Here are three hot IoT topics we heard all about at MWC 2017: Carrier-Dependent Connectivity Unlike end-user smartphones, IoT devices and sensors rely exclusively on mobile carrier data networks for connectivity. Despite the stationary nature of some technologies, a wired or local Wi-Fi network is incapable of supporting data transfers to, from, and/or between connected devices. This…

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Four Tips for Designing a User Interface

March 29, 2017 by Matt Louden


This blog is the third in a monthly co-authored series written by Matt Louden, Brand Journalist at MOBI and Charlotte O’Donnelly, Research Associate at Blue Hill Research. Capable software is a powerful competitive business advantage. Without an easy-to-use interface, however, it often fails to make the lasting impact your Information Technology (IT) department expects. Whether your enterprise is designing a User Interface (UI) for the first time or making changes to a preexisting one, be sure to keep these four tips in mind: Do Your Research More than anything else, organizations make the mistake of implementing changes and new UI features based solely on what users want. While the intent is admirable, it’s important to remember that a product’s audience brings suggestions to the table, not solutions. User requests can be unreasonable or downright impossible to implement if they fail…

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