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Implement a BYOD Program Your Employees Can Understand

February 4, 2014 by Reid McDowell

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is the biggest technology issue facing today’s workplaces. Today’s employees are simply more comfortable working on their own mobile devices. And, the trend isn’t going away. Employers can either embrace it or get left behind as their employees jump ship for companies that have BYOD programs in place. Most employers are choosing the latter option, with more than 50 percent of employers expected to have a BYOD program by 2017. BYOD programs do change a work environment, however. Implement BYOD in your own business so employees easily understand the rules: 1. Let Employees Know What Responsibilities BYOD Will Put on Them BYOD programs make employees responsible and even liable for some things that were previously on the employer. Make employees aware of the legal implications for them in implementing BYOD before starting the program…

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BYOD Costs to Triple by 2016

November 7, 2013 by Hannah Scott

Gartner reported that by 2016, it will cost enterprises $300 to internally manage each BYOD line per employee. They also noted that it costs $100 per employee to manage BYOD lines. Most companies believe that by going BYOD they will save their company the cost of managing devices and user data. Unfortunately, this has proved untrue in the world of mobility. As BYOD skyrocketed in popularity with companies and employees, the costs of BYOD became apparent. Not only do companies need to consider any stipends they will offer, but they also need to think about security, MDMs, and support. Many companies end up switching back to corporate managed lines to save on hidden costs. BYOD isn’t the villain in this scenario. BYOD, when managed correctly, is actually a perfect fit for companies looking to save on device purchase cost, and…

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Managed Mobility Services Uniquely Developed for Healthcare Organizations

October 2, 2013 by Reid McDowell

IT professionals responsible for mobility, in healthcare organizations, have full plates today. A recent survey of 1,063 US clinicians revealed that mobile device usage accounts for 40 percent of their screen time at work. Healthcare IT teams are being stretched with many demands, including: handling a growing number of BYOD devices, electronic records implementations, improving infrastructure to support the influx of mobile devices, creating mobility solutions to align with the accountable care model. A majority of these demands are centered on, or highly influenced by the continued and broadening influence of mobility. To help healthcare organizations handle BYOD and the management of mobile devices, we created MOBI Medical. This healthcare focused solution is founded on a culmination of managed mobility best practices that we’ve honed over the years in our work with our healthcare organization clients. We’ve assembled a comprehensive…

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Solution Design, a Necessary Component in an MMS Solution

September 20, 2013 by Hannah Scott

Enterprise mobility management is complex and dynamic. Each enterprise has unique needs, approval processes, user groups, program types, and policy requirements – an effective Managed Mobility Services (MMS) solution needs to be just as customized and unique. The same solution does not fit all enterprises and their needs. Enter MOBI. Our Solution Design Process, allows us to fully understand the granular details of an enterprise’s needs and create a customized MMS solution. MOBI’s multi-step Solution Design Process allows enterprises and our Solution Architects to develop the most effective time and cost saving solution. Our Solution Architects work with enterprises to complete the MOBI Solution Workbook. This workbook along with a deep discovery allows us to see the complete picture of an enterprise’s mobility program, processes, and missing elements. Our Solution Architects then work with our Development, Operations, and Business Development…

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In-House or Outsource?

September 12, 2013 by Hannah Scott

“Should our organization outsource our mobility management service needs?” This is a question telecom/wireless administrators ask themselves every day. Articles are written by various mobility news outlets, industry experts, and MMS providers like MOBI. What is the correct answer for your organization? Philippe Winthrop, Enterprise Mobility Forum author, addresses likely concerns and common thoughts on this topic. He offers two main questions an enterprise should answer before deciding to outsource mobility services. Have you created a holistic mobility strategy? Do you have the deep in-house domain expertise in terms of developing, managing, and maintaining the mobile applications (ex. MDMs) and mobile infrastructure, as opposed to working with an outsourced MMS? We can all agree your organization’s approach to mobility is of strategic importance. However, your organization needs to decide if executing on your mobility management strategy is core to your business…

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