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A Fresh Look for the Future

August 17, 2017 by Matt Louden

New Look

Did you know that mobile devices now account for almost two-thirds of all time spent online? In recent years, enterprise mobility has revolutionized businesses across virtually every industry and geography. That’s why we felt it was time for a revolution of our own. MOBI’s New Look—our fresh, innovative interface that allows users to access MOBI anywhere from any device—has been rolled out. We began transitioning customers to the new interface in Q2; now, all current customers have access and all new customers will onboard with it as well. MOBI’s Asset, Expense, Program, and Workflow Manager tools are accessible on all devices whenever convenient, making complex mobility program management easier than ever before. MOBI’s New Look combines modern colors, cutting-edge console design, and customer feedback to create enterprise mobility’s most intuitive software platform. Collapsible, off-canvas menus not only increase content real…

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Windows 10: A Clear Mobile Security Favorite

August 2, 2017 by Matt Louden

Windows 10

Security is always easier with a sidekick—just ask any hero. Batman depends on Robin, Scooby Doo has Shaggy, and Starsky wouldn’t be the same without Hutch. When it comes to enterprise mobility, nothing will more effectively protect connected devices than Windows 10 and an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software integration. While it’s not ranked up there with peanut butter and jelly yet, the Windows 10-EMM combo is beginning to make waves in the enterprise market. Quite simply, Microsoft’s latest Operating System (OS) aims to revolutionize how organizations manage tomorrow’s enterprise technology inventories. What’s All the Buzz About? Windows 10 makes EMM the security standard for a variety of devices—both mobile and desktop.[tweet] For many experts, Windows 10 is considered the world’s first truly mobile OS. Unlike previous Windows generations and competitors’ products, Windows 10 makes EMM the security standard for…

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Need to Make a Carrier Data Decision?

July 13, 2017 by Matt Louden

accurate carrier data

Enterprise mobility programs can be dramatically different from one company to the next, but even the most advanced device and expense management efforts fail if they don’t have one important ingredient: accurate carrier data. While some organizations still rely on data usage applications or screen-scraping technology to gather this information, direct Application Programming Interface (API) integration is the choice for most mobility efforts moving forward. Here’s why: Inaccurate Data Ironically, most monitoring apps aren’t reliable when it comes to tracking monthly carrier data usage. In fact, apps and service providers could be calculating data usage in completely different ways. Additionally, many of today’s wireless carriers have partnerships with other mobile services providers, meaning certain app or website data consumption is free for its users—apps lack the capabilities required to track these differences. Some apps also have trouble distinguishing cellular and…

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Five Most Costly Carrier Billing Misses

July 5, 2017 by Matt Louden

carrier bill

A wireless carrier bill can be expensive. The average monthly cost per line (according to MOBI’s customer data) exceeds $51. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands, and it’s easy to understand why enterprises are constantly searching for ways to cut costs. While each corporate program features unique wireless carrier offerings, our enterprise mobility experts have noticed a few universally expensive carrier bill trends. If you’re looking to trim the budget, here are the five best places to start: Zero-Use Lines Without a reliable software platform and global carrier integrations, employee device usage is impossible to manage and track. If an end user leaves the company with an active line of service or neglects a company-owned device altogether, will your program administrators ever find out? More than 37% of MOBI’s historic savings are the direct result of identifying and suspending or…

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10 Benefits of Digital Transformation

June 23, 2017 by Matt Louden

For most companies, digital transformation is too complex to handle alone—88% rely on third-party providers for at least one component. Despite this drawback, organizations are making their tech-savvy transformations more rapidly than ever. Why? What’s All the Fuss About? It’s still early, but so far the evidence for companies leveraging digital technology is encouraging. After reorganizing operations and successfully changing company culture, here are 10 benefits your enterprise can expect: Reduced Costs – Optimizing business technology and operations around digital technology means cost-per-transaction savings and increased sales. Improved Customer Strategy – New technologies create capabilities that can help a company acquire, retain, and assist customers while simultaneously reducing marketing spend. Consolidated Operations – The introduction of cost-effective, customer-focused digital tasks streamlines business workflows and eliminates overhead associated with outdated solutions. Analytics – Digitalization gives companies the ability to combine data…

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