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Rocked and Socked by Robots?

August 21, 2017 by Matt Louden


Does the term ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ ring a bell? If so, it’s because we’ve mentioned the topic once or twice before. Smart machines and automated technologies pack a serious potential enterprise punch—as long as they’re strongly supported and well-managed. Right now, there are 1,500 companies all over the world frantically working to develop never-before-seen AI applications. As surprising as that number may be, it’s sure to increase as intelligent technology becomes more efficient and affordable. By 2025, today’s annual global AI-driven revenues will look like chump change; they’re expected to skyrocket from $643 million to at least $36.5 billion over that span. That’s 57 times the revenue! There’s also this to think about: in just five years, 85% of enterprise customer relationships could be managed without any human interaction whatsoever. Crazy, huh? Want to handle intelligent technology like a champ? When…

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

August 15, 2017 by Matt Louden

make employees happy

Welcome to POWER Week, a.k.a. MOBI’s annual employee appreciation week. For the next five days, MOBIans experience unique celebrations representing each of our core company values. While there may or may not be some in-office shenanigans going on, we’ve never been happier to help customers overcome enterprise mobility challenges. Speaking of happiness… Did you know that mobile devices have the potential to make employees happy and improve enterprise success? Successful enterprise mobility efforts can increase employee productivity by 23%, improve IT processes by 30%, and elevate job satisfaction scores by 100% or more. They can also enhance employee engagement, leading to a more tightly connected and transparent work community capable of attracting and retaining top workforce talent. How is your company using enterprise mobility to make employees happy? Talk to one of our experts about your mobility program and leave…

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Man or Machine?

August 10, 2017 by Matt Louden

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already created very real benefits for early-adoption enterprises. Among other positives, this innovative technology has the potential to grow global economies by more than $33 trillion annually. Companies looking to capitalize on AI’s competitive advantages are rushing to implement solutions and, as a result, are drastically changing enterprise mobility. By 2018, the business world will be a much different place—20% of business content will be written by AI-powered machines, 45% of the world’s fastest-growing companies will have fewer employees than smart machines, and more than three million workers around the world will report to a “robo-boss.” At our office, AI is used primarily to advance automation efforts—MOBI Account Specialists leverage AI to streamline more than 35,000 calls and 55,000 activities each month. How AI can improve your mobility program? Talk to one of our enterprise mobility…

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MOBI’s Month in Review

July 31, 2017 by Matt Louden

Enterprise Mobility Program

As the first month of Q3 comes to a close, are your company’s enterprise mobility program goals still within reach? Are you adjusting or evolving your strategy? We can’t speak for everybody, but our customers have been busy ordering thousands of new mobile devices—more than 26% of which aren’t smartphones. In fact, MOBIans helped more than 75,000 end users this month via call or activity request. July’s service desk conversations were dominated by one thing: corporate email enrollment. The topic was responsible for more than 10% of our monthly calls and ate up more than 14% of our service desk’s total talk time (that’s more than 717 hours!). As for activities, feature change requests were our customers’ clear-cut favorite—more than 16% of July’s activities were categorized this way. How can our Mobility Management Platform enhance your enterprise mobility program? Chat…

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Guarding On-the-Go Data?

July 24, 2017 by Matt Louden


For a business to succeed in today’s global playing field, mobile security must be a top priority. Enterprise mobility brings tremendous value to an organization; if not managed properly, however, it can also create tremendous risks. IT security pros estimate that more than two-thirds of the world’s top companies have already experienced at least one data breach.  That’s bad news when you consider each incident could cost a company more than $26 million. In addition to data breaches, employees can forget to secure sensitive data stored on their own personal devices. In fact, 64% of IT leaders believe their employers’ information is likely residing on at least one employee-owned device right now. Partnering with a Mobility Management Platform that’s easy to integrate, deploy, and use is your best mobile security option. Talk to one of our experts or sign up…

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