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What Your Business Needs to Know About Apple’s WWDC

June 17, 2016 by Mitch Berry

This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference announced changes to all four Apple Operating Systems (OS’s). Although most of the new features and capabilities announced are consumer improvements, there does appear to be some enterprise-level impact. Apple’s rich notification system, which will provide mobile device users with additional information related to various apps and internal systems, may be a concern for enterprises. These notifications potentially give unauthorized users the ability to use applications and respond to messages without unlocking the actual device, so hopefully Apple provides companies with a way to disable this type of notification before sensitive data is lost or misused. A new feature, referred to as the universal clipboard, could be another enterprise security gap for Apple devices. With the ability to copy and paste content from a computer to any associated Apple device, the probability of enterprise…

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Mobility Menaces

June 1, 2016 by Matt Louden

In recent weeks, we’ve discussed two giant risks to mobile security: lost/stolen devices (here and here) and mobile malware (here and here). In this post, we’re continuing the conversation as you may find that any number of these threats – a daily reality for enterprises – hit close to home. In fact, the US features 10 of the world’s 15 most dangerous cities for mobile devices according to Skycure. Whether Android or Apple, Skycure also discovered that 25% of all mobile devices are attacked within their first month of use. By three months of age that number rises to 40%. Breach Level Index found that over 1 billion data records were breached worldwide in 2014 (US records being the target in 76% of these incidents), making it clear that companies need to have Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)/Mobile Device Management (MDM) in place to protect…

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Can’t Avoid Android

May 27, 2016 by Matt Louden

Every day, Google reports that more than 20 billion texts are sent and 93 million selfies are taken by Android devices.  Android’s domination of the global mobility landscape proves the importance of implementing a plan to manage and secure these devices. Around the globe, there are more than 1.4 billion Android device users according to DMR. Over 1.2 billion Androids were shipped in 2014 (82.2% of worldwide smartphone shipments), resulting in 1.5 million Android device activations every day (32% of all mobile business device activations). “As we globalize, we are seeing larger enterprise Android deployments in markets like Europe and Asia,” states Mitch Black, President of MOBI. In total, DMR found over 500 carriers and 400 manufacturers that produce and distribute Android devices globally. In the US, Samsung is responsible for 56.4% of all owned Androids (and four of the…

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MMS: Your Ally Against Malware

May 13, 2016 by Matt Louden

Malware is relentless. Kaspensky Lab and Allot Communications discovered 80% of businessmen and 67% of businesswomen put their company at risk of attack every day. Your mobility team needs Managed Mobility Services (MMS) in their corner to keep your enterprise off the ropes. As mentioned here, malware has nasty consequences. Bad code or data storage habits open the door for software-side malware attacks, but improper usage and authorization adherence by users causes infections too. This is where MMS has your back. Malware appears most commonly as a rogue app split into small, hard-to-detect packets that mimic legitimate apps. This is troubling, as IBM and the Ponemon Institute found that 55% of companies never test apps or are unsure of how frequently they do. In addition, CITO Research and Apperian discovered that only 51% of companies have metrics in place to monitor…

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Aware of Malware?

May 5, 2016 by Matt Louden

Mobile apps are all the rage. Accenture found that 87% of businesses believe apps are necessary to fully realize digital benefits, 85% believe apps will be the dominant business interface,  82% believe apps are integral to success, and 81% believe apps are key to unlocking vital data. However, this new technology brings a major threat: malware. What’s the Risk? IBM and the Ponemon Institute discovered that 82% of IT professionals believe apps significantly increase mobile security risks, and after further investigation it’s clear why. Businesses spend less than six percent of app development costs on security, leaving only 41% with sufficient app security. Less than 50% have acceptable app usage policies, meaning sensitive data and critical networks are frequently exposed to malware. According to HP, 97% of apps contain potential privacy issues, 86% lack basic security, and 75% fail to properly…

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