2 Minute MOBI Technology Demo

The MOBI Portal is a cloud-based tool that enhances organizations’ control and visibility of the devices, carrier services, and employees in their mobile estate. End-User Metrics, Customizable Program Analytics, and Improved Workflow Automation work together to give organizations a full view of their evolving wireless program. In the video below, you’ll receive an inside look at our updated portal from the end-user dashboard, to in-depth reporting tools, to approval/denial processes.

If you would like to learn more or schedule an in-depth, customized demo of the portal, email: ask@mobiwm.com or call 855-259-6624.

MOBI Named Finalist for Mira Mobile Tech Award

TCPT_Mira 2014 Badges-Nominee (2)TechPoint, Indiana’s technology growth initiative, recently named MOBI as one of the nominees for the 15th annual Mira Awards in the Mobile Tech category. MOBI was selected as one of 12 finalists for the Mobile Tech Award following an evaluation from 40 independent subject matter experts. On March 21, MOBI Solutions Architect Ian Runyon and VP of IT Eric Sendelbach presented in front of an independent judging panel, which would later deliberate and decide on an overall winner. Continue reading

MOBI + EMM: Industry First

MobileIron Tech alliance partner logoLast week, MOBI and MobileIron announced a Tech Alliance Partnership. MOBI’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform now offers integration with MobileIron’s MDM/EMM technology, allowing employees and administrators to perform on-device level management in addition to device lifecycle management. We are excited to be the first Managed Mobility Services software provider to integrate with an MDM. With this new device-level visibility and control, MOBI can provide even more robust device management capabilities to its customers. Continue reading

Water Hazard

When MOBI programmer, Steve Hodges, is asked what his company does, he uses the scenario of replacing a corporate employee’s phone dropped in a toilet as context to help people understand.

We wondered, is the mythical ‘toilet phone’ a real thing? After reviewing data on over 16,000 replaced devices, we put the answer is in the infographic below:

Water Hazard - MOBI infographic

Improved User Experience Results in Greater Employee Productivity

MOBI User-Interface Designers Create a New End-User Dashboard in the MOBI Portal. new end user dashboard overview download

The key to employee productivity is empowerment. As the old adage goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Here at MOBI, we are in a constant pursuit of empowering our customer’s employees. Instead of fish, we help organizations and their employees efficiently manage mobility.

Studies show that on average, enterprise employees conduct as many as three support activities for each mobile device they use for work in a given year. Consider the notion that many employees carry multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, data cards, etc.), un-assisted support activities can take over 45 minutes to complete, and that most large organizations have device counts in the thousands. Under these circumstances, an organization with 10,000 devices is at risk of losing 22,500 hours of employee productivity in just one year. That equates to over 2,800 full working days of employee productivity lost.

Losing 22,500 hours is a lot. Because of this, we’re continually taking steps to reduce employee downtime. Through the help of our account specialists, a.k.a. support gurus, MOBI customer organizations already experience a much lower rate of employee downtime. On top of the assistance coming from MOBI account specialists, MOBI has developed an incredibly robust and easy to use portal, so enterprise employees can self-serve their unique mobility management needs.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new enterprise employee (end-user) dashboard in the portal that makes it even easier and faster for enterprise employees to complete required mobility management activities. With this update, there are several features that streamline the use of the MOBI portal:

  • End user dashboard_thumbnailMOBI Device Bar - End-users with multiple devices can manage all of their devices in one place. 
  • ‘I Want To…’ Drop Down Menu - End-users can quickly take action regarding their device or service plan from a menu that is automatically generated based on popularity of use (based by company), or configured by an administrator.
  • Activity Newsfeed - End-users are presented with their latest activity history and are color-coded by urgency if action is necessary.
  • FAQs & Help Showcase - A relevant and curated list of FAQs that apply to the user’s specific group or role are presented to each user.
  • Dashboard Settings - Administrators can quickly and easily choose which FAQs, Activities, or Line Restricted Attributes are displayed.

Interested in learning more about MOBI’s new end-user dashboard? Click the PDF image above to download an overview with more detail.

An Inside Look at MOBI’s Portal

The MOBI Portal gives you all the tools you need to save, support, and centralize your wireless program. End-User Metrics, Customizable Program Analytics, and Improved Workflow Automation work together to give you a full view of your evolving wireless program. We’ll give you an inside look at our updated portal from the end-user dashboard, to in-depth reporting tools, to approval/denial processes.

If you would like to learn more or schedule an in-depth, customized demo of the portal, email ask@mobiwm.com or call 855-259-6624.

To get the full experience of the MOBI Portal, view this video in full screen (option at the bottom right).

MOBI’s Fall 2013 Portal Facelift

MOBI User Interface

At MOBI, our 18 dedicated software developers are constantly working to enhance both the functionality of our portal and improve the user experience with-in our portal. They are analyzing and improving the user experience on a regular basis. It is our company-wide mission to provide the most feature rich and easy-to-use Mobility Management Services (MMS) portal in the industry.

Above, you can see the progression, from the beginning, of the MOBI portal. Each update to the user interface contains not only visual updates but also includes many changes to the back end of the portal in order to make taking any action as an administrator or end-user quick and seamless. The most recent update to our user interface not only improves a user’s experience, but it also assists in providing more branding options for our customers including color scheming, logo treatments, and more.

Jolene, one of MOBI’s UI developers said, “We’re really striving to improve the overall experience, we want to make the portal more visually appealing. We welcome feedback from all users to help us determine what works because direct feedback is always the best.” (All feedback can be emailed to ask@mobiwm.com.)

Our development team improves the user experience by collecting data on the type of browser users are using to access the portal and how many tablets, smartphones, and computers are being used to view the portal. This type of information has the team working towards a more responsive end-user dashboard among many other enhancements we’ll be releasing very soon.

If you would like to experience the MOBI Portal first hand and learn more about the future of the MOBI portal sign up for a personalized demo request here.