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Blue Hill on MOBIs Acquisition of ArchTech Enterprises

March 19, 2015 by Hadley Green

Blue Hill Research reflects on MOBIs acquisition of an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) industry leader – ArchTech Enterprises, a company focused on the implementation of EMM. This report examines the key drivers for the deal and explores the value of the acquisition for the Managed Mobility Services market. Get your copy here.

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Why the Apple Watch is Destined for Enterprise Mobility Environments.

March 12, 2015 by Michael.Browning

The Apple Watch is getting a bad rap out of the gate. The biggest issue I’m reading, is people complaining it doesn’t actually do much. It’s a fashion accessory, it’s got some nifty configurations, otherwise there aren’t many practical applications – especially inside an enterprise environment. Here’s where everyone’s missing the boat. Apple’s model is to build a platform and let the market (developers) create the compelling content.  With that in mind, Apple Watch is a platform. People can’t see the value yet because there are no more than a handful of apps available.  Think back to when the iPhone and iPad were released. If there hadn’t been an explosion of 3rd party apps that followed, both would have been mildly interesting but ultimately commercial failures. I see a couple things on the horizon where Apple Watch (and other wearables)…

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Three Ways to Improve Your Mobile Strategy

January 29, 2015 by Hadley Green

New year, new mobility program? Shared by Mobile Enterprise, Mitch Black provides his top 3 considerations to build and implement a new mobile strategy in 2015. Check out the article here.

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Generating Career Paths that lead to Passions at MOBI

January 14, 2015 by George Milberger

As much as MOBI has grown since I started working here, it still holds a lot of the best qualities of a small office close to its cultural heart. As a result, those qualities continue to offer substantial benefits and opportunities to its employees. One such quality is the openness of communication between departments, and one such opportunity is an ever expanding list of career paths made available to our employees. This is especially true with one of our most commonly-held job titles: the Account Specialist role in our Operations team. Take me for example: I started working with MOBI as an Account Specialist in 2009 using the MOBI software platform to support some of our earliest customers. In 2011, I became a Software Developer building out new functionality in the same software suite that I used during my tenure on…

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RCR Wireless Reporter Hangs Out with MOBI President, Mitch Black

December 18, 2014 by Hadley Green

Mitch and RCR reporter Kelly Hill discuss 2015 Mobility Trends, BYOD vs. Corporate Liable, and the difference between MMS and MDM services. Check out the entire interview here:

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