Generating Career Paths that lead to Passions at MOBI

As much as MOBI has grown since I started working here, it still holds a lot of the best qualities of a small office close to its cultural heart. As a result, those qualities continue to offer substantial benefits and opportunities to its employees. One such quality is the openness of communication between departments, and one such opportunity is an ever expanding list of career paths made available to our employees. This is especially true with one of our most commonly-held job titles: the Account Specialist role in our Operations team.

Take me for example: I started working with MOBI as an Account Specialist in 2009 using the MOBI software platform to support some of our earliest customers. In 2011, I became a Software Developer building out new functionality in the same software suite that I used during my tenure on the Operations team. Writing code and building software tools is my true passion; something I’ll do until well after I retire. I wouldn’t have been able to discover and take up that passion so easily were it not for the opportunities that I had as an Account Specialist. This is my career, and being an Account Specialist got me here.

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The Who, What, When, and Why of Wearables

Wearables - We all remember the calculator watch that was born in the 80s. This device was the precedent of modern (and awesome) devices that we know and recognize today- wearable devices such as wireless earpieces, glasses, personal fitness devices, and smartwatches.


Bringing wearables into the enterprise begs the question, “Who needs this device to contribute more efficiently to the organization?” The more mobile your company’s culture, the more impactful wearable devices will be on business. As laptops, phones, and tablets were born to promote mobility and convenience, now wearables are here to take that idea one step further by enabling employees to work from wherever their wrist is (…which is hopefully close.)

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Inside Scoop: MOBI Device Deployment

At MOBI, we work on a multitude of services and products for our customers. The amount of effort we put into making each end-user, administrator, and CIO happy creating a successful mobility environment is bar none.  Some of our customers utilize our Deployment Services – where we work onsite to assist in upgrading end-users’ devices.

Recently, we went to a customer site to help deploy thousands of devices at their 24 hour fabrication facility. We pre-kitted the devices which included updating the device software, charging the device, installing customer specific software, as well as downloading their desired MDM. Our Logistics Facility worked hard to kit, asset tag, and test the devices before they were shipped to the customer site where we would help the end-users finish the set-up process. Continue reading

The Upgraded MOBI Report Builder


The MOBI User Experience (UX) designers and developers have been busy working on large improvements to the report builder, a key tool within the MOBI Portal.

For example, if you need a list of every 64GB Black Apple iPhone 6 in a specific cost center that was active as of 2 months ago, you can quickly build exactly that report. To make things even easier, you can save any set of filters for use later. This ensures that you’re comparing exactly the same data set every month.

This portal feature has seen gradual additions and small tweaks over the past couple of years. As these valuable additions built up over time, it became clear that the report builder was becoming dense with so many options displayed at one time.

Our most recent update seeks to simplify the report builder.

  • Key sections (owner, carrier, etc) are placed within collapsed headings, allowing for a concise view of 5 to 10 sections, instead of nearly 50 potential filters.
  • Another update is a slide into view “drawer” that replaces the pop-up display of the report builder. This allows for a more integrated view and easier help documentation support through WalkMe.
  • Additionally, a new search bar has been added, allowing you to type in a term and immediately view only the report builder sections related to that term.

We hope you find these improvements easy to use, faster, and more convenient.

For a more detailed look at what the report builder and MOBI Portal overall can offer, sign up to download the MOBI Portal Guide or sign up for a personalized demonstration.

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Nurture Professional Growth, Boost Employee Morale

You found the perfect fit. It’s a mutual match-made in heaven. They’re hired, they’re here. How do you make sure a company’s most valuable asset, their people, keep coming back?

Finding good talent is hard, especially talent that fits into your company’s culture.  Once a match has been made, how can you ensure they stay, grow, and flourish? There are several measures you can take as an employer to keep your team engaged and happy. One of the biggest is to invest in their professional growth.

We can talk the talk and walk the walk. We can talk about having a collaborative environment and making sure your team has a voice.  We can walk through the importance of incorporating fun into the workplace.   But for today, let’s focus on empowering your employees to improve their knowledge and skills.  Empowerment and personal growth are the most important components of your Talent Management Strategy. Continue reading