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Old Dog’s New Tricks

August 26, 2016 by Matt Louden

In today’s high-tech world, businesses spend lots of time and money preventing security threats and attacks. Ironically, hackers are bypassing cutting-edge security solutions with a tried-and-true method as old as humanity itself. Social engineering, as anyone attending Kevin Mitnick’s keynote session at Untethered next week will learn all about, is a technique that penetrates layers of security by avoiding technology altogether. Instead of cracking passwords or firewalls, social engineering exploits human psychology, essentially giving an attacker access to desired information through deception and charm. Most hackers use social engineering because these days it’s easier to trick a human than a computer. In fact, Social-Engineer, Inc found that 66% of all hacks involve a social engineering element. By integrating even limited technical knowledge, attacks can be completely protected because they use the cover of someone else’s identity to perform their malicious…

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Life, Mobility, and the Pursuit of (Government) Happiness

August 18, 2016 by Matt Louden

For many government agencies, slow technological adoption makes it particularly difficult to hire, develop, and retain talent, making it costly to an organization’s finances and overall expertise. When it comes to mobility however, Gartner and MOBI agree that there’s hope. If government agencies can capitalize on four distinct enterprise mobility trends in 2016 and beyond, their mobility programs and employee performance can be drastically improved. Analytics Incorporating analytics into government enterprise mobility programs will result in more personalized and satisfying interactions that uncover future effectiveness trends and needs. Agencies will be able to more accurately evaluate programs, utilize resources, comply with management, policies, and contracts, and detect fraud. These improvements will enhance government offerings while simultaneously integrating them into shared, interdepartmental architecture. According to a white paper published by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, using analytics will also ensure quality data access,…

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Mobility Matters Part Five: Finance

August 4, 2016 by Matt Louden

Too often, enterprises mix-up Managed Mobility Services (MMS) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) as one in the same. It can be confusing for finance departments because they understandably focus on cost-savings potential above all else. Since MMS includes expense management as part of its services offering, enterprise mobility confusion can occur.  However, MMS gives finance the tools to take control of spend and other departments tons of additional benefits. In the final part of our Mobility Matters series, we’ll focus on how MMS is a good investment for your finance department. An MMS partner should implement cross carrier re-billing to make using multiple carriers easy. Rather than dealing with different monthly bills and formats for each carrier, MMS combines them all into a single statement, allowing charges to be compared across all carriers and plans. With pre-bill reconciliation, MMS vendors…

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On Top of Tech

July 27, 2016 by Matt Louden

TechPoint, Indiana’s tech ecosystem growth initiative, recently announced its 2016’s Tech 25, which recognizes the state’s best and brightest tech industry minds. When the dust from the selective nomination process settled, we were thrilled to see a familiar face on this year’s awards list. Ian Runyon, MOBI’s Director of Solutions, will be honored at TechPoint’s special invite-only event next month for his many contributions to MOBI and how our customers use our software to uniquely further their mobility strategies and manage their entire device ecosystems. Ian oversees the design, development, and execution of solutions for our clients. He and his team work hand-in-hand with our future domestic and global customers, from discovery to onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle, to ensure a viable and effective mobility solution. He brings more than 10 years of solution architecture and enterprise sales engineering…

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Pokémon No

July 20, 2016 by Matt Louden

Have you heard of Pokémon Go? Sarcasm aside, the noise surrounding it has been inescapable for businesses everywhere. Over 21 million Americans are already active daily users according to SurveyMonkey, making it the biggest US mobile game ever. As such, it’s a safe bet that someone in your organization has downloaded or plans to download the app to their enterprise mobile device. Without Managed Mobility Services (MMS) overseeing your enterprise mobility program and Mobile Device Management (MDM)/Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, you’re gambling with the security of your mobility program. Despite resolving initial concerns surrounding the app developer’s full access to user’s Google accounts, Niantic’s current privacy policy still allows its servers to automatically record and aggregate log data like IP addresses that can then be shared with third parties. Point B and Beyond states that this sharing is “for…

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