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Congratulations DirecTV – Best Smart Data Project 2014

Posted on May 13, 2014 by MOBI


On a yearly basis, the CITE Conference + Expo and CITEworld.com honor enterprise innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technologies. One of the ways they showcase this is by recognizing technologies that support internal and customer-facing innovation in the fast-changing business world. Entries are evaluated and finalists are selected based on business outcomes and the complexity and creativity of solutions developed.

DirecTV’s smart data project, lead by Kyle Wells, Senior Director of Field Service and Mobility, faced strong competition from the likes of the Arizona Department of Education, BNY Mellon, Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services, and the Probation Department of Santa Clara County. In the end however, DirecTV’s enterprise mobility smart data project spanning more than 10,000 devices and multiple states and carriers won the CITE award for best smart data project. DirecTV’s ability, combined with MOBI’s help incorporating HR data and optimizing mobile usage data to maximize cost effectiveness and productivity, represented the award category’s most innovative and successful project.

Learn more about DirecTV’s award-winning project in this highlight video of Kyle’s CITE presentation.

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