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The Secure Alternative to BYOD

BYOD is one of the hottest topics out there in the mobile world right now with security being the number one issue. COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) offers a BYOD feel but is also a secure option.

Let’s start out with company owned (or the ‘CO’ part of “COPE”). These qualities of COPE help companies keep their networks and information secure while still giving employees the feel of BYOD. The company owns the line of service and selects their preferred device and usage cost thresholds. This ownership grants the company the rights to wipe or disconnect devices connected to the corporate network, offering the company pre-established security.

Now on to the fun part, personally enabled (or the ‘PE’ part of ‘COPE’). This is what gives COPE the feel of BYOD. Employees are allowed to choose the device that they prefer whatever that may be. This enables employees to utilize their device for both personal and professional use.

How does it work?

The company has the option to select a device based on what their wireless environment is best suited to support. Let’s say you prefer the Blackberry operating System, but some of your employees would rather use iPhones to help their productivity. Your company can decide to offer a Blackberry 9300 at no additional cost to the employee. If employees would like iPhones, your company can pay a pre-determined amount; let’s say its $50. The employee will then pay the rest of the price for the device they choose and your company will pay the $50 as promised. If your company does not have a preferred device, you may choose a cost threshold that will be applied to any device chosen (like the $50 above).

What about usage costs?

Like the cost threshold set above for phones, your company may also choose a predetermined amount it will pay for usage whether they be: voice minutes, texting, data, multimedia, or international plans. Whatever your company does not pay, the employee is responsible for the remaining amount. This helps companies keep all data costs down but also holds employees responsible for overages.

Where does MOBI come in?

We help your company manage all of these features. We also help with more advanced features like group specific catalogs. MOBI also supports all available billing options for devices and usage like: payroll deduction, employee credit card, auto-applied discounts or stipends. MOBI also helps with self service troubleshooting, program review, bill optimization and server/BES/MDM administration.