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Expense Management

With nearly 600 devices, two wireless service carriers, 60 cost centers, and over $100,000 in charges for international roaming from one user, MOBI’s customer’s wireless program outgrew the ability to be effectively managed without a management tool. The customer, a publicly traded organization in the IT and services industry, realized that the manual process of managing their devices was too labor intensive, didn’t provide adequate visibility or control into the program as a whole, and wasn’t able to provide adequate support to employees.

MOBI helped the customer develop a mobile program strategy, guided them in the implementation, equipped them with tools and provided support to help with the execution of the program. The solution MOBI provided includes:

  • Expense Management
  • End-user Support
  • Analysis & Reporting

As a result, MOBI’s customer realized hard dollar savings from program management efficiencies and expense management activities and the reduced risk of surprise wireless bills. Plus, employees encountered consistent processes, and a higher-level of service on mobile related needs and questions.