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Device Logistics 

Ensure every mobile device is properly stored, configured, packaged, shipped, and recycled regardless of where your employees work.

Uniquely configure devices for your business

Device software and settings are uniquely configured for each specific end-user, including app setup, MDM/EMM enrollment, and programming device settings.

Package devices according to your needs

Devices are physically prepared and boxed according to your needs.

Securely store devices not in use

We’ll store your replacement and spare devices in our highly secure warehouse until you need them.

Ship devices

Whether it’s one Android device or 1,000 iPads – we work with and integrate with logistics partners all over the world to get your devices where they need to go, all while giving you the option to track their individual progress.

Recycle unused devices

When devices reach the end of their life, we manage the wiping of data and provide environmentally friendly recycling.

Powerful Logistics

Learn how device logistics and full lifecycle management can power a competitive advantage.

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