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Time to Grow Up?

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Matt Louden

mobile maturityAlmost every enterprise uses mobile devices today. However, more than 80% are still stuck in the initial stages of mobile maturity.

Despite numerous features and functionalities, 38% of companies leverage mobility solely for remote email and calendar access. Another 43% are only slightly more mature because they collect basic program data and have implemented additional device security.

The most mature efforts out there are “additive;” about 19% of programs feature application integration capabilities, location-based device data, and multi-factor device authentication. Nine percent also utilize interactive software tools that facilitate third-party collaboration and external data analysis.

No mobility program is fully mature, but a Mobility Management Platform (MMP) accelerates organizational progress and makes businesses 29% more profitable and 15% more productive. What else can industry-leading management software do for you? Talk to one of our experts and schedule a customized demo to find out.

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