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Mobile Devices and Enterprise Escalation

Posted on July 7, 2017 by Matt Louden

mobile devicesIf you’re responsible for managing an enterprise mobility program, employee device management has probably grown increasingly difficult over the years. Today’s companies have to keep track of four or five devices per worker!

Moving forward, most industry experts expect a continued climb in the average number of devices employees depend on for work. Why?


Modern Information Technology (IT) departments are seeking revolutionary mobility solutions and implementing new technologies more rapidly than ever before. As IT and mobility management converge and enterprises initiate digital transformation efforts, cutting-edge mobile hardware and software is uncovering new digital marketplaces, expanding traditional ones, and allowing businesses to create brand-new products and services.

Desktop computers now make up less than 10% of worldwide internet devices.[tweet]

Innovators and the growing popularity of mobile workforces have already changed corporate technology forever; desktop computers now make up less than 10% of worldwide internet devices. Today’s end users overwhelmingly prefer the freedom, flexibility, and constant connectivity a smartphone or similar device offers.

Prioritizing enterprise mobility also means establishing new avenues of communication with almost five billion people (or 70% of the global population). Unlike traditional internet access, mobile device owners have instant connectivity from almost anywhere because it isn’t reliant on a home location or landlines. In fact, 80% of the globe now accesses at least 3G network coverage.

Network Development

The average smartphone user interacts with their device almost 80 times each day.[tweet]

In addition to new technologies, vendor partnerships and increased competition is driving improvements to mobile network access and performance. The average smartphone user interacts with their device almost 80 times each day—that means even minimal network efficiency gains could have a tremendous enterprise impact.

Almost 65% of digital media consumption already occurs on mobile devices, but companies expect that figure to increase as worldwide network strength continues to grow. By 2021, most mobile connections will occur over 4G networks, making this technology responsible for almost 80% of all internet traffic in the process (5G should be here before then, however).

Falling Prices

Widespread adoption also creates dramatically lower hardware and software prices, which is great news for small businesses that currently can’t compete with the enterprise mobility resources of their multinational counterparts. As prices drop and the large business market becomes saturated, small businesses could very well become the main source of future industry growth.

Globally, many companies still have catching up to do before they can get their workforce on-board with enterprise mobility. It’s estimated that 35% of the global population lacks the necessary awareness and digital literacy required to successfully leverage mobile devices. By 2021, there could be one billion more mobile phone owners than there were in 2015.

By 2021, expect mobile phone use to increase sevenfold.[tweet]

Declining prices combined with an influx of new uses will dramatically spike future mobile traffic. By 2021, expect mobile phone use to increase sevenfold as average mobile devices per capita increases to one and a half globally.

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