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Industry Insights and MOBI Updates

Mobile Technology’s Alarming Effects on Sleep

August 13, 2018 by Matt Louden


Sleep is important. And yes, we’d still believe that even if it wasn’t Monday. Unfortunately for many people, however, the combination of high-speed internet access and mobile technology is cutting into nightly sleep schedules. In fact, these innovations now cause the average person to lose about 25 minutes of sleep every day. By interrupting a user’s natural Circadian rhythm—the 24-hour cycle that controls physiological processes like brain activity, hormone production, and cell regeneration—smartphones and other globally connected endpoints don’t just cause fatigue; they create the potential for increased risk of several serious diseases. A lack of sleep means a higher likelihood of developing obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases to name a few. In the US, the loss of sleep due to mobile technology has also been linked to serious financial consequences. In addition to increased risks and frequency of…

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5G’s Move to Mobile Technology

August 8, 2018 by Matt Louden


In case you missed it, 5G is back in the news courtesy of Verizon’s recent announcement and T-Mobile’s multibillion-dollar deal. While we started preparing for these next-generation wireless networks months ago, most of the conversation has centered around broadband connectivity. Until now. Last December, 3GPP—the organization that oversees global cellular standards—approved 5G New Radio (NR) as the world’s first mobile 5G spectrum. Since then, several network operators have taken massive steps toward making this technology viable on a global scale. So, what do these recent developments mean for your enterprise’s mobility effort? Never-Before-Seen Speeds If you thought today’s mobile technology was fast, buckle up. Because 5G NR will operate through network bands that have only recently been made available by regulators, expect this traffic-free access to enable skyrocketing data communication speeds. Until now, the upper end of the spectrum 5G…

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Webinar: System and Organizational Control (SOC) Reports

August 3, 2018 by MOBI


Since 2011, global organizations and industry leaders have leveraged System and Organizational Control (SOC) reports to enhance enterprise data security. So, why are companies still struggling to manage today’s third-party data defenses? We’re glad you asked. Join MOBI CTO Eric Sendelbach and Senior IT Compliance Analyst Chad Beasley as they team up with Dixon Wright, Coalfire’s Managing Principal and SOC 2 Practice Leader, for a webinar that dives deep into data security. Learn why every software partner you work with should be SOC 2 compliant. Explore each of SOC’s three unique reports, how MOBI’s global mobility management software leverages these reports to enhance data security controls, and what your organization needs to focus on moving forward. Could your company could use a data defense tip or two? Don’t wait—there’s only a few days left to sign up! Our conversation kicks…

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MOBI’s Joan Schrenkel Named to TechPoint’s Tech 25 Class of 2018

August 1, 2018 by MOBI

The Tech 25 recognizes exceptional individuals whose contributions have helped grow Indianapolis’ tech community. INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 1, 2018 – MOBI, a mobility management software (MMS) company, is pleased to announce that Joan Schrenkel has been named to TechPoint’s Tech 25 Class of 2018. Schrenkel currently serves as MOBI’s Director of Automation Engineering and has been with the company for nearly five years. TechPoint established the Tech 25 Awards in 2015 as a way to recognize individuals who are critical and exceptional performers in helping grow the Indianapolis tech community but are not amongst the C-suite at their respective companies. While this is Joan Schrenkel’s first Tech 25 award, this marks the third consecutive year a MOBI team member has been named to the list. Past winners have included Chris Brown, Director of Product Development, in 2017 and Ian Runyon, then Director…

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Figuring Out Financial Services

August 1, 2018 by Matt Louden

The financial services industry is one of the United States’ largest—it spans nearly 500,000 organizations and more than six million full-time employees. However, despite this sector’s impressive size and healthy, year-over-year growth, finance firms aren’t getting more efficient. In fact, these companies haven’t noticeably improved productivity levels since 2001. Industry executives believe this stagnation is the product of organizations failing to evolve business models beyond traditional technologies. Without mobility-driven solutions and services, today’s financial services companies can’t keep up with rapidly changing consumer preferences. Since more than 40% of customers already rely on mobile endpoints for their financial needs, digital-focused enterprises and executives are pushing the industry to play catch-up. So, why should you and your organization pay attention to mobile technology? What are financial services’ most serious challenges and concerns? And, how can your team work to overcome them?…

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