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Rolls-Royce and MOBI

MOBI Product Keynote – Untethered Summit 2018

Join Ian Runyon, MOBI’s VP of Product, along with several other MOBI experts for a first look at our latest automation-driven software features. Find out how these innovations help you enable, integrate and orchestrate mobility management on a global scale.

Rolls-Royce and MOBI

Testimonial – Rolls-Royce North America

Rolls-Royce North America employs nearly 6,800 employees with operations in 27 states and six Canadian provinces. Before MOBI, Rolls-Royce faced substantial cost concerns, especially with global travelers. Using automated “Mobots,” Rolls-Royce was able to take complex manual tasks off their plate. See how MOBI saved employees time, eliminated program complexity, and reduced monthly carrier costs by 40%.

Webinar – System and Organizational Control (SOC) Reports

An Overview, Understanding, and Why They Should Be Important to Your Business – We provide a brief background of MOBI’s software and services, a basic overview of the different SOC reports, and specifically dive into the SOC 2 report objectives, structure, and areas of focus. You’ll benefit from Coalfire’s extensive SOC 2 expertise and walk away with some industry best practices.

Webinar - Gartner MMS MQ

Webinar – Making Sense of the Gartner 2018 MMS Magic Quadrant

Dive deep into Gartner’s global analysis of the Managed Mobility Services (MMS) industry to learn how an external partner impacts you and your bottom line. Led by MOBI’s Ian Runyon, VP of Product, and Chris Koeneman, SVP of Sales, this webinar digs into the Managed Mobility Services industry, Gartner’s MMS MQ results, and some of the latest mobile technology management trends.

MOBI's Workflow Manager

MOBI Workflow

Ian Runyon, MOBI’s VP of Product, and Adam Darrah, MOBI’s Development Team Lead, demo the company’s newest software tool—MOBI Workflow—for the very first time! See how this feature can help companies centralize, comprehend, and control enterprise mobility.

The Evolution of UEM

The Evolution of UEM

Mitch Berry, MOBI’s VP of UEM, takes a look back at mobile security to explore how MDM and EMM evolved into UEM. Explore the benefits of unified technology management and how single-platform security can help companies centralize, comprehend, and control enterprise mobility.

Meet the Mobots

Meet the Mobots

Josh Garrett, MOBI’s Co-Founder and President, and Joan Schrenkel, MOBI’s Director of Data Management, introduce the Mobots. Learn more about how MOBI uses automation, including Robotic Process Automation, to help companies centralize, comprehend, and control enterprise mobility.

Device Lifecycle Management Panel

Device Lifecycle Management Panel

Moderated by Hyoun Park, Founder of Amalgam Insights, this mobility expert-filled panel discusses the importance of a secure device retirement solution and how a fully managed lifecyle can help companies better centralize, comprehend, and control enterprise mobility.

KAR’s Digital Transformation

Chris Selby, KAR’s Director of IT Shared Services, shares how his company is leveraging MOBI’s mobility expertise to drive digital transformation, evolve enterprise culture, and uncover new revenue streams.

Keynote Speaker – Untethered 2017

CCS Insight’s Nick McQuire shares global data and trends from some of the world’s most innovative and influential mobility programs. Learn more about the future of mobile connectivity and how to prepare your company’s enterprise mobility efforts for the future.

So You Think You Know Mobility?

Chris Koeneman, MOBI’s SVP Strategic Solutions, uses the Declaration of Independence, Fifty Shades of Grey, and some quirky stats to contextualize the results from MOBI’s first-ever research report. Learn how our findings can help your company centralize, comprehend, and control enterprise mobility.