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Manage all your assets.

Gain comprehensive visibility into your entire device ecosystem by managing all your connected devices in one platform.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your assets are secure, functional, well-supported, and associated with the right people around the world.

Asset Manager Overview (PDF)

MOBI Device Manager

Understand their impact.

Does your sales team have the right devices and apps to drive revenue?

Are you sure your field agents have the connectivity and coverage they need?

Knowing how many connected devices you have deployed isn’t enough. To make informed business decisions, you must understand how those assets are being used to drive revenue, affect procurement and operating budgets, impact IT and support desk resources, and ensure data and network security.

Now, take action.

Information is only valuable if you can do something with it. MOBI’s software allows you to take action on your mobility program decisions.

Decide which devices employees are allowed to order, make optimal plan and feature changes, ensure you aren’t overpaying your carriers, and secure your device lifecycles from the same platform. Now that’s an all-in-one solution.

Accountability & Ownership

Make end users the central identifier in your software and put all program visibility and control in the context of your business. Know who has what asset, where it is, and how it is being used. MOBI’s asset tags can even tie endpoints to a unique global identifier, reducing the time and complexity required to manage mobile device inventories.

Role-based Device Catalog

Ensure your employees have the right devices, programs, and plans to perform their jobs successfully. You decide which devices and accessories end users are allowed to order based on their roles or another set of customized criteria.

UEM Integration

Leverage and enhance your Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) investment by integrating your solution into the MOBI Platform. Lock, wipe, locate, and manage employee devices and usage without leaving the MOBI software.

Connected Device Management

Create an ecosystem of devices based on your specific business needs. We simplify and centralize your existing IT systems, delivering visibility into your entire mobility program with one software platform — even if it includes laptops, desktops, or wearables.

Device Reconciliation

Compare the data in your software platform with relevant carrier data. We can make recommendations based on any discrepancies our experts find, uncovering potential savings by monitoring recent usage patterns and trends to optimize plan and feature changes that best satisfy end-user needs.

Lifecycle Management

Secure your assets from start to finish. MOBI’s Platform facilitates device procurement, carrier activations, application configuration, logistics, device repair and maintenance tasks, remote data wiping, and end-of-life asset recycling, reallocation, or retirement.

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