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State-of-the-art expense management.

In a single dashboard, view your mobility spend from around the world. See expenses from carriers and vendors at both a macro and micro level. Gone are the days of relying on multiple systems to download, consolidate, and standardize data. In other words, out with the old, in with the new.

Expense Manager Overview (PDF)

MOBI Expense Manager

Make sense of all your cents.

Put all your expenses in the context of your business. Easily understand where excessive spend is occurring, give managers on-demand visibility into team spend, and identify opportunities for program savings. Transparency down to the end-user level also empowers your employees to make smart choices when it comes to mobility. Makes sense, right?

Control your expenses before they control you.

Knowledge is power. Our automated Savings Assistant shows you exactly how much you can save each month, where those savings exist (down to the individual line level), and how to make those changes with the click of a button. MOBI does all the work —our platform presents savings recommendations to you on a silver platter (okay, maybe in a report). All you have to do is say, “Yes!”

Notice excess spend? Send automated notifications to offenders to inform them of best practices and encourage good mobility program stewardship.

Expense and Invoice Reconciliation

Track all devices, plans, and charges within MOBI software and compare each to the carriers’ records. Any discrepancies or outliers are investigated and resolved by our mobility experts. Our software is the record of truth for your mobility program, and reliably delivers issue identification to give you actionable and effective billing dispute resolutions.

Accounts Payable Feed Generation

Once the data from all carriers has been normalized, reconciled, and allocated, our software platform can automate, on a scheduled basis, a configured accounts payable general ledger file with specific columns of data required by your accounting system.

Expense Monitoring and Management

Our combination of mobility experts and robust software continuously monitors recent usage patterns and trends to optimize plan and feature changes that best satisfy end-user needs. MOBI gives you the ability to leverage your carriers through ongoing optimization and program performance recommendations.

Data Normalization

Compiling data from all your carriers takes you hours (sometimes days). It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Our software pulls data from all carriers into one platform so it’s easy to read, process, and analyze, allowing you to accurately account for cost center usage and implement carrier rebilling.

Cost Allocation

Within the MOBI Console, allocate costs according to who actually used monthly carrier data, minutes, or other features. View and comprehend what and how much each cost center is consuming and how to optimize your program’s monthly carrier spend.

Balance to Zero

Each month, our team balances your invoice to zero, meaning every line item is accounted for and charged to a specific cost center within your organization. This practice ensures that your billing is accurate and discrepancies can be handled in a timely manner.

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