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Connected device workflows are unconventional. There are a lot of steps along the way that require input from many stakeholders—end users, approvers, service providers, carriers, and vendors. MOBI’s user-friendly platform makes identifying, optimizing, and modifying your mobility program workflows easy.

Workflow Manager Overview (PDF)

MOBI Workflow Manager

Pinpoint process inefficiencies.

Why doesn’t your new employee have his device yet?
Do you really need three levels of approval before a manager gets her tablet?
How does your R&D team access new technology faster than the rest of the company?

Streamline all mobility program requests, MACD activities, and responsibility delegation.

Make your work flow.

Automate processes, approvals, and employee communications to ensure that no matter who is requesting a device, changing a phone number, transferring connections, or decommissioning a device, each step is completed in the right order and in the right way. Spend your time on strategic initiatives, not on chasing inefficient processes.

Approval Workflows

Do your end users need additional approvals to order specific devices, change plans, features or carriers, or perform any other specific task? We can apply the appropriate rules and workflows to expedite those approvals. ensuring your employees stay productive and satisfied.

Decommission Workflows

When a device reaches the end of its lifecycle, manage its recycle or decommission workflow through MOBI. Our software allows you to capture the dollar amount associated with any recycled or decommissioned device’s value.

Transaction Workflows

Whether upgrading a device, changing a phone number, or securely wiping a lost device, manage all your program’s task workflows through MOBI. Managing mobility change has never been easier.

Procurement Workflows

Ensure your employees have the devices they need. Different business units, roles, groups, or geographies may require unique device types that aren’t and shouldn’t be available to all end users.

Business Rules

There’s always an exception to the rule. Your business is no different. Manage all of your organization’s mobility rules, procedures, processes, and exceptions through MOBI’s software.

Automated End-User Communication

Keep your program and end users current. Throughout any process or workflow that is executed through MOBI, your end users receive automatic communications sent at pre-determined workflow milestones. Our easy-to-customize templates keep your employees informed and engaged.

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