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Arup Builds a Stronger Mobility Program with MOBI

About Arup

Arup, a global professional services firm headquartered in London, provides engineering, design, planning, project management, and consulting services for all aspects of the building environment. Arup first captured the world’s attention in 1946 with the structural design of the Sydney Opera House, followed by its work on the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In 2016, Arup employed more than 12,800 individuals and worked on more than 16,000 projects in 146 countries.


Arup’s IT Client Services Leader for the Americas Region was tasked with identifying a solution that would provide end users with visibility into Arup’s monthly mobility usage and spend, streamline device request workflows, and automate tasks to reduce the amount of time the IT team spent supporting end users.

As the company considered moving to a policy that provided mobile devices to all Americas Region employees, it was important to find a Managed Mobility Services (MMS) partner that could help the organization manage its growth and prevent an employee services degradation.

The Challenge

Prior to MOBI, Arup’s IT team worked diligently to provide each Corporate Liable (CL) device user with a monthly statement detailing mobile usage and spend. These reports were time consuming to produce and, while they provided visibility into individual usage and spend, there was no way to track whether employees opened the reports or used them at all.

Before MOBI, when a new employee started with Arup, he or she would wait for the IT team to initiate the device ordering process. While the IT team was quick to identify what type of device a new employee would need to succeed, multiple layers delayed the approval process.

Once approval was received, the IT team was responsible for procuring, configuring, and deploying the device to the new employee. This was a very time-intensive and manual process.

In addition to providing end users with visibility into their data usage/billing and streamlining device request workflows, Arup needed a partner to help automate mobility tasks and reduce the amount of time the IT team spent supporting end users. By implementing a unified Mobility Management Platform (MMP), Arup’s IT team would be able to save significant amounts of time with end-user device maintenance, online ordering and upgrade, and information delivery responsibilities.

The MOBI Solution

After implementation, MOBI’s single sign-on allows employees to easily access the software and see their data usage, billing, and how they are impacting the organization’s mobility program each month. Program administrators can now see how often—if ever—employees are logging in to view their mobility program usage. Although Arup has nearly doubled the number of mobile devices deployed to its staff since implementing MOBI, our billing optimization process and Savings Assistant tool has kept Arup’s mobility program spend static.

MOBI has also allowed Arup to mobilize its staff faster than ever before. Now, new employees initialize mobile device requests and the MOBI’s software automatically reaches out to query new employees, follow up with supervisors for approvals, and complete ordering, configuration, and device deployment tasks.

This new, automated workflow not only allows employees to manage requests and approvals on their own schedules, but it also moves the process along as soon as each step is completed to dramatically reduce the lead time required to equip employees with devices.

As for Arup’s end users? Well, they love our solution, too. MOBI’s self-service software options enable employees to manage their own devices. Since implementation, Arup has experienced a more than 50% decrease in the number of mobility-related service desk inquiries. End users can view their data and billing usage, request a new or upgraded device, and complete many other self-service tasks using the MOBI software, enabling them to work more independently and efficiently.

The Results

Arup and MOBI have created a successful partnership. In addition to providing end users with visibility into their monthly mobility usage and spend, streamlining device request workflows, and automating tasks to reduce the amount of time the IT team spends on mobility support, MOBI has helped drive down program expenditure with strategic monthly analysis and bill optimization.

Moving forward, Arup will continue to leverage MOBI’s recommendations, best practices, and industry-leading, software-first MMP to drive global innovation and growth.

“MOBI’s solution incorporates both a software and people component. While it’s great to have software that automates, it is critical to have that human element—the expense analyst with years of industry experience looking at the data and providing recommendations that make sense not only for our company, but for our end users as well.”
– Sam Chan,
IT Client Services Lead at Arup