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Global BYOD Program Management for
a Fortune 50 Organization


This customer is a Fortune 50 consumer goods manufacturer that markets its products in more than 180 countries. With more than 120,000 employees around the world, global mobility management is one of the customer’s top IT priorities. This customer challenged us to secure and centralize management on more than 17,000 devices falling into a variety of program types: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Blended Payment, and Corporate-Liable.

Due to this customer’s global nature and the fact that thousands of its devices were predominately used outside of the United States (US), a global solution that paid special attention to BYOD and had the ability to quickly and effectively scale programs in more than 30 countries and 20 languages was needed.


Attracting top talent and delivering a positive user experience were top priorities for this customer. For new employees, their MOBI platform experience needed to begin on day one—they receive their laptop, information on the company, and their smartphone, ready to go out-of-the-box. This furthers the customer’s commitment to delivering an exceptional end user experience.

Prior to using MOBI’s Mobility Management Platform (MMP), this customer had 11 dedicated employees responsible for managing the company’s BYOD programs. Once carrier invoices were received, program managers would reconcile expenses with their internal records and then reimburse employees individually through SAP, the company’s payroll software. Allocating expenses to the correct cost centers was a costly and time-intensive manual task, particularly where currency exchange was involved.


MOBI’s solution centralizes this customer’s mobility data, making it much easier to comprehend and control the impact of program decisions like switching carriers, enabling new devices, disconnecting zero-usage lines, and integrating with SAP to automate employee reimbursements.

Administrators and end users can view the MOBI software in their native language as well as English. With MOBI’s industry-leading currency exchange technology, users can view current and historical expenses based on historical exchange rates. For instance, if the customer looks at a carrier expense from three months ago, she will see the expense in her native currency based on the exchange rate from three months ago, not today’s exchange rate.


After the implementation of MOBI’s software-first platform, this customer now controls its more than 50 mobility programs in more than 30 countries and 20 languages. This not only lowers program costs and increases end user satisfaction today, but also makes adding new programs a breeze. It used to take 11 employees up to four weeks to get a new program up and running with different languages and currencies; now it takes less than two hours. The time saved allows those program managers to focus on the future of the mobility program and not purely tactical tasks.

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