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Rolls-Royce Enables Workforce with
Mobility Management Platform


Rolls-Royce North America is an engineering company focused on world-class power and propulsion systems. Organized into five customer-facing businesses—civil aerospace, defense aerospace, power systems, marine, and nuclear—Rolls-Royce North America employs nearly 6,800 employees with operations in 27 states and six Canadian provinces.


Prior to using MOBI’s Mobility Management Platform (MMP), Rolls-Royce lacked single-point access for its mobility program, visibility into device inventory and usage data, and processes for handling mobility activity requests.

Since Rolls-Royce lacked visibility into usage data, all employees were provided BlackBerry devices with both domestic and international wireless carrier features— whether they traveled outside the US or not. The average cost per device each month was a steep $110.

Labor costs to manage its program were also high. With no software to normalize carrier data, program managers had to export monthly carrier reports, parse the data into a single format, and send expense reports to the finance team once invoices were received. The finance team would then allocate those charges across various departments as required.

Allocating expenses to the correct cost centers was a costly, time-intensive, and manual task.

Finally, due to Rolls-Royce’s global nature, its service desk was located in Europe, creating a five-hour time difference at minimum for United States (US) employees. The previous service desk vendor’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) was 48 hours, meaning from the time an end user initiated a troubleshooting session via email, phone call, or website form submission, the vendor had 48 hours to respond to the end user and begin troubleshooting. This often led to end users going days without access to an operable mobile device—costing the company both time and money.

Over the two years, the company has been focused on reducing complexity and costs within its business, thereby providing an opportunity to help streamline it’s mobility program.


MOBI’s software provides Rolls-Royce’s program managers with a centralized platform for all things mobility-related. With a few clicks, managers can manipulate mobility program data to find the exact information they need.

Once MOBI’s software was implemented, custom reports were run and shared data recommendations were made to reduce the number of employees with both domestic and international wireless carrier service. Eventually, Rolls-Royce removed international features from all devices and MOBI integrated with the company’s travel booking database so that whenever an employee books international travel, an activity is created in the MOBI software to add relevant international features for those travel dates. This program change alone saved Rolls-Royce more than $750,000 in 2016. Today, the average cost per device each month has dropped to $65.

The combination of MOBI’s world-class software and service desk empowers Rolls-Royce’s employees to initiate mobile device activities on their own. Whether an end user reaches out via live chat, email, or a call into the service desk, MOBI resolves the issue on first contact, eliminating downtime and preserving employee productivity.

“I was a little suspicious when MOBI’s  solutions architect said he was going to   save me 12-17% month over month. In fact,  I gave him ‘the skeptical squint.’ I told him if  he could save me 12% a quarter, I’d still be   all in. That was three years ago, and he’s   delivered on his promise. I’m a MOBI  believer now!”

– Rolls-Royce Mobility Program Manager


After implementing MOBI’s software-first platform, Rolls-Royce now has complete visibility and control of its devices and program data, which means more impactful business decisions can be made. Just as important, program managers finally have confidence in their data. When it comes time to negotiate new contracts with wireless carriers, administrators now have the ability to manipulate data and produce reports they can use to their advantage.

“When our wireless carrier contracts are up  and it’s time to release another RFP, we have  confidence in our data and know that we can  negotiate the best possible terms for Rolls-Royce

– Rolls-Royce Mobility Program Manager

Today, Rolls-Royce’s employees have an easy-to-use platform where they can login and see all data related to their lines of service or, if they are a manager, their team’s lines of service. End users have commented to program managers that MOBI’s software is so intuitive they didn’t even need instructions on how to order a new device during a recent program migration. And, the program managers like that whether “Bob” is logging into the software from Japan or “Susie” is logging in from Canada, they will see the same console and have the same great user experience.