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Insurance Company Finds Success with Mobility Management Platform


Our customer is a leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds. As a Fortune 500 company, it serves more than one million small businesses across the United States. With more than 17,000 employees nationwide, mobility management is one of the customer’s top IT priorities. The CIO was tasked with migrating the company away from legacy BlackBerry devices, increasing visibility into the mobility program across business units, identifying reductions in mobility spend, and consolidating device inventory tracking for the entire enterprise.


The customer initially contacted PCM and MOBI seeking help with a migration project from legacy BlackBerry devices to Apple iOS mobile devices.

All mobility program management was an extremely manual process. The customer had six people responsible for ordering, delivering, and fixing mobile devices and two full-time employees responsible for carrier billing and accurately allocating wireless charges.


solution was able to bring end-to-end mobile ecosystem management to the customer. We created a solution that addresses all of the customer’s challenges and evolving needs.

“The MOBI solution is more robust than any analysis we were able to do internally. The customizable console offers flexibility so that our various administrators can gain visibility into the mobility program, carrier data, plan usage, and recommendations made by our MOBI Account Specialists,” said the customer’s CIO. “MOBI’s team delivers unprecedented value for our mobility program with their marketplace and industry knowledge.”

  • Expense Management: MOBI’s platform allows the customer to understand and optimize all mobile expenses. By normalizing the data across all carriers, the customer’s expenses and invoices can be reconciled within the billing month and correctly allocated to the appropriate cost centers. Executive-level reporting is now automated and takes 10 minutes to acquire, as opposed to the three weeks it previously took.
  • Carrier Bill Pay: The ability to consolidate its carrier bill pay through one resource allows the customer to charge monthly fees directly to lines of business. That’s a game-changer. Prior to MOBI, the customer’s finance team was paying each carrier separately and waiting for individual lines to be reconciled, creating a multitude of journal entries and charge allocations to specific cost centers every month. It was a timely and costly process that has since been automated through MOBI’s platform.
  • Asset Management: The customer can now login to the MOBI platform and view all device and accessory inventories in one location. Historically, it took six full-time employees 40 hours per week to merge all inventory data and access inventory numbers. Today, it’s a report that can be pulled in less than 30 seconds. Accurate device inventories let the customer know its devices are secure, functional, well-supported, and associated with the appropriate end user.
  • Reserve Inventory: Partnering with MOBI, the customer is able to keep device and accessory inventory ready to be distributed as part of its device lifecycle process. Now, devices can be configured and delivered to the end user ready to use out-of-the-box, within 24 hours in most cases. Prior to our partnership, devices would arrive still needing to be configured and set up for end users. Within a week, carrier-sent devices would end up damaged or broken because they didn’t arrive ready to use or protected—from either a hardware or software perspective.


After implementing MOBI’s first savings recommendations, the customer realized a $31,000 per month hard cost savings.

In addition to the hard cost savings, the customer has been able to cancel two full-time contractors, and its IT staff is now able to focus on large-scale projects rather than procuring, deploying, and supporting connected devices.

MOBI’s expense management tools and data normalization processes have saved the customer another full-time employee salary, allowing that individual to be utilized for additional revenue-generating opportunities instead.

After just the first year of collaboration with MOBI, the customer is projected to realize nearly $500,000 in savings.

The customer’s CIO couldn’t be happier. “As we look to the future of our mobility program, ease-of-use for our end users is essential, and MOBI can deliver. That, combined with MOBI’s ability to bring the visibility into what it costs to run a mobile device for our executive team, has exceeded our expectations.”